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Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 22

The Day Silently Brightens


Translator: Sae

Editor: Nancy

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When Gu Hai returned from the cemetery, he went straight home.

At that time, Gu Wei Ting was sitting on a sofa in the living room and Jiang Yuan was in the kitchen preparing food. But the moment after he sauntered in, Gu Wei Ting’s complexion shifted as his gaze traveled after Gu Hai who wore an ashen and dejected look, completely covered in earth to the point that this dispirited figure does not resemble a person at all.

When he caught sight of Gu Wei Ting’s observant eyes on him, Gu Hai remained planted at the doorway for a second before he silently changed his shoes.

“You could have said something if you were going to search for someone. At first, we only need to search for one person but because you created such a disturbance, all the soldiers and units had to search for you too.” Gu Wei Ting’s tone did not seem too promising.

Even after hearing those words, Gu Hai was not annoyed or angry as he swerved around and calmly faced Gu Wei Ting, “If I didn’t go and search, this person wouldn’t have been found. Yin Zi was trapped and surrounded by a massive swamp, and without anyone to help him, it would have not been possible for him to come out alive. Around this time of the year, that place is normally shrouded by fog which made it extremely difficult for the aircraft to properly search. As it seems, no soldiers were willing to take the risk. Besides, when the soldiers found Yin Zi, I was there too. They didn’t have to search any further since I didn’t end up somewhere else alone. How can you say I ‘created so much disturbance’?”

Gu Wei Ting coldly snorted, “You’re always have reasons.”

Gu Hai cleared his throat and sternly faced Gu Wei Ting, “The person I searched for wasn’t someone else. He’s your son.”

Just as Jiang Yuan quickly walked out of the kitchen after she heard the commotion on the other side, she heard the words that Gu Hai had just said. And, while those words resonant in her mind, she was stumped for words and stared blankly on the spot. After hesitating for a moment, she finally spoke, “Let Xiao Hai go take a bath first. Look at the mess he is in.”

In her heart, Jiang Yuan felt endlessly grateful toward Gu Hai, to the point that no matter what Gu Wei Ting had said beforehand, she pretended not to know it.

Seeing the complication that crowded Jiang Yuan’s eyes, Gu Wei Ting did not say anything else to make things difficult for Gu Hai. He merely raised his chin, indicating for him to go do what he needed to do.

When the three of them were eating their meal, Jiang Yuan incessantly picked out food for Gu Hai.

“Xiao Hai, eat a bit more. This time, it’s all thanks to you.”

Gu Hai calmly ate the food in his bowl, without taking the initiative to say anything else.

From the look of things, this father and son duo had chosen to mutually remain silent.

For once, this meal was eaten until the very end. But, once Gu Wei Ting placed his chopsticks down, he faced Gu Hai and asked, “How do you plan on explaining this to the in laws?”

“I’ll explain it in whatever way it needs to be explained, and that’s to tell the truth,” said Gu Hai, rather calm and composed.

Gu Wei Ting was slightly relieved once he heard those words.

Jiang Yuan was busy picking up the tableware while saying, “He’s already 26 years old, what should be done and what shouldn’t be done, he has already thought about it all. So, you can be at ease now. Young people nowadays are more opinionated than us.”

Gu Wei Ting’s eyes swept toward Gu Hai for a glance before speaking with a rather harsh tone,

“Let’s hope this is the case.”

After the meal, Gu Hai tidied up and planned to return to his own place. But before he could leave, Jiang Yuan pulled him to a stop, “Xiao Hai, they’re also a prominent family. With this kind of situation occurring at the engagement reception, it will truly put them on the spot, since after all, she is also a refined woman. Remember to take something with you when you head over there, and be courteous with your words so that the relationship between our families won’t be awkward.”

Gu Hai nodded his head, “I know.”

Early morning the next day, Gu Hai went to the hospital.

From the look of it, Mrs. Yan’s situation does not look too promising since she was being taken care of 24 hours by a few medical personnel. Gu Hai was only able to say a couple of words before he was discreetly asked to leave by the doctor.

Yan Ya Jing stood outside, her complexion was increasingly thin and pallid.

“I’m sorry about what happened the other day,” said Gu Hai with sincerity.

Looking at him, Yan Ya Jing could only smile with forgiveness, “It’s alright. As long as you returned, everything is fine. How is your brother? Did you find him?”

Gu Hai simply nodded, “Yes, he was found at a swamp. If I was late by just one night, I honestly don’t know what might have happened.”

“That’s good,” said Yan Ya Jing as she let out a long sigh of relief, “You two brothers have a really good relationship with each other. I’m actually quite envious since I’m an only child.”[1]

The corner of Gu Hai’s lips curved, smeared with an exceptionally meaning smile that was simply hard to understand, “The two of us aren’t real brothers.”[2]

“Oh?” Yan Ya Jing expression revealed her inability to comprehend what he said.

The two of us grew up drinking each other’s ‘milk,’ Gu Hai secretly said to himself.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this. How’s your mother’s condition?”

Yan Ya Jing sighed, “Not much different from before. Just from looking at the doctor’s expression, there’s probably only a few days left…”

“When I talked to your mother a moment ago, I can sense that her consciousness had already become unclear.”

The depth of Yan Ya Jing’s pupils was swept with a tint of misery and pain, and as her line of sight flitted toward Gu Hai, there was a sense of desperation.

“Gu Hai, my mom doesn’t have many days left. It’s not realistic for her to take part in another engagement reception. I thought about it and there’s no need to set up those formal events. Our families can simply have a meal together tomorrow and take it as a confirmation of our engagement. This way, we can give my mom a peace of mind and let her go peacefully.”

“Xiao Yan.” Gu Hai changed his tone, “I can’t get engaged with you.”

Yan Ya Jing’s complexion abruptly changed as her gloomy eyes subsequently darted toward Gu Hai’s face again, “Is it not possible even if we just do it for the sake of appearances?”

Gu Hai bluntly said to Yan Ya Jing, “It’s not possible.”

“Then……why didn’t you refuse from the beginning? Why did you wait until this kind of time to tell me?”

“I’m sorry.” Gu Hai rarely opened his mouth to express his regret, “If it was just me, then it would have been fine to go along with you. But right now, I have someone, and I don’t want him[3] to feel even an ounce of unhappiness.”

Yan Ya Jing was also forced to her wit’s end. Based on her prior temperament, she would have already turned around and walked away long ago after hearing that, but it was a really crucial phase right now. All she could do was to abandon her dignity and try her utmost effort to endeavor something for her mother.

“I promise I won’t tell a second person about this matter, and I won’t let it affect your relationship either.”

Gu Hai helplessly laughed. However, when he spoke it was powerful and resonating.

“I can be insincere in front of anyone, but he’s the only one that I can’t do that to.”

Although Yan Ya Jing could clearly sense the difficulty in breathing, she did not have the right or the strength to complain about anything.

“That’s true. I shouldn’t involve or blame you for my family’s hardships.”

Gu Hai went silent for a long while before he spoke again, “Honestly, your mother already knows everything. The thing is, she’s just playing along in this act with you. Why don’t the two of you use what little time you have left together and be truthful with each other?”

Those words caused Yan Ya Jing’s stunned gaze to closely fix on Gu Hai.

With that, Gu Hai did not say another word. He simply patted Yan Ya Jing’s shoulder and walked out of the hospital.

While driving on the road heading back, Gu Hai’s crestfallen mind was fully expressed by the somberness on his face.

Bai Luo Yin, I have become a hateful person once again because of you. If you don’t fucking breakup with that evil coquette, I will fuck you until you can’t move![4]

In reality, Bai Luo Yin’s mouth was even faster than Gu Hai’s. When he returned home that evening and received a call from Di Shuang, he immediately told her the truth.

Di Shuang was completely heart-broken, “Did you hate the fact that Gu Zong and I got too close?”

“I do hate it but not because of you.”

Confusion crept on Di Shuang’s face, “There’s really nothing between him and I. You also saw it that day, he gave a ring to our vice-president already. Also, you’re his brother. Even if you don’t trust me, you have to trust him!”

“I trust him completely,” said Bai Luo Yin sternly.

Di Shuang became anxious, “Then why do you still want to breakup?”

Having been in the military for all these years, Bai Luo Yin did not perfect any one skill, contrariwise, he perfected how to be shameless. In short, he will speak his mind and would never cover it up as to uphold a conspicuous soldier’s upright and plainspoken manner.

“It’s because the one I like is your Gu Zong.”

Once the 10th day of the first Lunar month arrive, which was also the third day that the two had returned home, Beijing Haiyin Company’s vacation also silently came to an end.

On the first day back at work, Di Shuang made a beeline to Gu Hai’s office and requested to resign.

“Why?” Gu Hai asked.

Without any qualms, Di Shuang bluntly said, “I can’t condone my president snatching my boyfriend away.”

At first these words were employed to humiliate Gu Hai, but who would have thought that her Gu Zong’s heart would blossom with such joy instead……

“I’ll give you six months of extra pay. You can leave!!”

Later that night, Gu Hai received a call from Yan Ya Jing informing that Mrs. Yan has passed away due to the illness.

“Don’t be too sad,” urged Gu Hai.

Yan Ya Ying choked and said in between sobs, “Thank you……I talked with my mom about everything yesterday. Not only didn’t she blame me, she even praised me for being thoughtful…earlier today, she passed very peacefully.”

After putting the phone down, Gu Hai let his heart observe a moment of silence in tribute for three seconds. And afterwards, his feelings and moods lightened up a lot.

In spite of everything, the day silently brightened up just like that. As expected, this was a firm verification of the saying, ‘one is bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster.’

When Bai Luo Yin was honored for his meritorious service in regard to that perilous mission, his superior gave him 10 additional days of vacation. Hence, the 20 days of vacation became 30 days instead. Having all that time, Bai Luo Yin suddenly felt extremely bored and does not seem to know what to do.

While Gu Hai was busy in his office intensely preparing for this year’s work scheme, Bai Luo Yin was still haphazardly driving around the streets. Perhaps, it was because he has been flying aircrafts all these years, now that he was actually on the ground, he could no longer distinguish north, south, east, or west anymore. Feeling as if the road has somehow become more complicated than ever, he made turns after turns until his mind was being overtaken with bewilderment.

Bai Luo Yin parked his car at the side of the road and listened to his GPRS navigation system shout inconsiderately but after being overwhelmed with frustration, he immediately turned it off.

How long haven’t I gone out? Why can’t I recognize any of these streets?

Suddenly, someone knocked on the window, pulling him out of his thoughts. Bai Luo Yin twisted his head around for a look only to see a kind looking older lady.

“Young man, do you want to buy this donkey? Just take a look, it can sing and sway its head, and it’s only ¥50.”

Seeing that the lips of the older lady had frozen and turned into a purple color, his heart softened as he handed over the money to her.

“Okay, I’ll buy one!”

After he took it, Bai Luo Yin began to fiddle with the donkey before switching it on. Once the music came on, the donkey began to repeatedly swing its head according to the beat. It swayed around so energetically just like a person that has gone crazy. Watching it for a while, Bai Luo Yin could not help but burst into a mad spell of laughter.

Tickled pink, he did not notice the pedestrians on the street frequently passing by, who looked on as a valiant and formidable-looking officer sat in his car laughing hysterically at an electric donkey. It was truly an adorable scene to have witnessed.

The sound of laughter that trickled out of Bai Luo Yin’s lips was akin to an ebullience of blossoming plants in the glory of life. But in just seconds, a hint of ridiculousness filtered the air instead.

The more he looked at the donkey, the more it resembled Gu Hai.

Letting his thoughts run wild, a wicked idea suddenly sprung in his mind. He must give this donkey to its long lost father!

Translator’s Note:

[1]  “I’m actually quite envious since I’m an only child.” 我就缺个一奶同胞 – Yan Ya Jing is actually saying, “I drank out of my mother’s breast alone.”

[2]  “The two of us aren’t real brothers.” 我俩不是一奶的。Gu Hai is actually replying with, “We didn’t drink milk from the same breast.”

[3]  他 (tā) – here Gu Hai is using the character for ‘he/him’.

他 (tā): This is the most frequently used pronoun. Even though it’s used in place of “him,” it is somewhat of a gender-neutral pronoun. It can be used when the gender of a certain person is unclear. So, Yan Ya Jing doesn’t know that he is talking about a male.

READ BELOW for further explanation:

The most common forms in English are “he, she, and it.” In the Chinese language, those three become the following: 他, 她, and 他 (“he/him,” “she/her,” and “it/its.”

她 (tā): The female form, equivalent to “she/her.”

它 (tā): Equivalent to “it.” This often refers to objects or animals (even if the animal in question has a distinct gender.)

Since all pronouns have the same pronunciation (tā), you may be wondering: “How can I tell what gender the person is referring to in a listening exercise?” Indeed, if you hear the word tā, it may be difficult to conclude if the speaker is talking about a boy, a girl, or an animal. However, as mentioned, you can usually make an educated guess based on context.

[4]  老子让你趴着开飞机! – literal translation is, “I will beat you until you have to lay down to fly!” but we choose the latter because there is a sexual implication in the way that Gu Hai says it and plus WE KNOW WHAT HE MEANS! ୧( ಠ Д ಠ )୨

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