1. I can’t read the chapter… Is it my phone’s problem or something about the report you got on wattpad too about AB?

    1. Hey, if you’re referring to chapters 1-8 of Addicted, we haven’t translated those chapters. Since before we started, another group was working on it already. So we listed the chapters as “work in progress”. Here, you can fully read chapters 9-203. If you’re referring to Advance Bravely, as I’ve mentioned many times, it’s being added only when I have some free time, on behave of Anh, AB translator, since she is busy with school exams. Hope this helps~

  2. I had the same question. I just finished watching the series for the first time and i was so excited when i found out there was a book! I’m eagerly anticipating these first few chapters! I wish her well with exams 🙂

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