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Addicted: Chapter 15

Chapter 15: I am the one called a COW!


Translator: Sienna7455


“Miss, I want to switch seats.”

Luo Xiao Yu’s crystalline eyes flashed. She shifted her body towards Gu Hai and stared at him face to face. Her smile was gentle and soft just like water.

“Do you want to move to the front?”


“Then, do you want to move to the back?”

“Also no.”

Luo Xiao Yu’s expression was filled with curiosity, similar to an angel that had fallen into the human world. Gu Hai’s heart pounded for a split second, but it quickly reverted back to its tranquil state.

“I want to move my seat up to the south.”

“It’s like this.” Luo Xiao Yu explained patiently, “The seating positions are rearranged once every two weeks. In other words, in two days, your row will move from the northernmost to the southernmost.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Gu Hai expressed firmly, “I want to switch to the seat behind Bai Luo Yin.”

“Switch to the seat behind Bai Luo Yin?” Luo Xiao Yu was not convinced.

Gu Hai laughed, “I have a good relationship with him, so I will be more motivated in studying if I sit near him.”

Luo Xiao Yu seemed to be a bit puzzled. Normally, students would request to switch seats because of problems such as height issues, grades issues or to separate female from male students…

“You go back to class first. I’ll consider the seating conditions.”

“Do it right now.” Gu Hai insisted, “I want to switch seats right away.”

Luo Xiao Yu’s face gradually turned red, her lips trembling. She was clearly displeased with Gu Hai’s attitude. This was because no one in the whole school had dared to speak to her like this. However, she couldn’t unleash her bad temper.

“Fine, you can switch seats immediately in the afternoon.”

Not long after Gu Hai left, a male student with bowlegs and acne all over his face entered the office. He stopped in front of Luo Xiao Yu with a bitter face.

“Miss, can I request a seat exchange? Zhang Dawei keeps on kicking my chair until I fall down. I’ve fallen three times already.”

“Then, why don’t you warn him not to kick your chair?” Luo Xiao Yu’s tone started to get higher. Her expression was changing faster than Bolt’s sprint.

“Switching seats! You think switching seats is a simple thing? Could you not hurt my feelings in the process?”

He didn’t know why, but when the beautiful teacher became angry, she was still charming. Thus, the male student couldn’t resist to say a few words.

“Miss, I’m begging you, please let me move a row backwards, and that’s already enough for me.”

Luo Xiao Yu was well-known for her bad temper. Usually, beautiful and smart women were able to marry a rich husband, and naturally, their bad temper was by no means a trivial thing.

“Say one more word, and I will expel you out of my class at once!”

Two seconds later, the male student walked out from the teacher’s office dejectedly.

In the afternoon, Bai Luo Yin was about to enter the classroom when he saw a repulsive person sitting on the seat behind him. He cursed fiercely inside while maintaining a cool façade as he returned to his seat.

When class was about to start, Bai Luo Yin noticed that Gu Hai had yet to budge.

Finally, he couldn’t bear it anymore, “Why are you not returning to your seat?”

“I’ve switched seats, this is my seat now.” Gu Hai smiled pleasantly.

Bai Luo Yin’s face turned dark, akin to the bottom of pot, not even concealing his own displeasure in the slightest degree. He was the type of person who knows whom to love and whom to hate, if he disliked a person then he would rather shot his own head than listing their good points.

When the school bell rang, Bai Luo Yin turned his body forward and told himself not to pay any attention to Gu Hai. Just imagine that the person behind is a dunghill.

“Students, take out your exam papers from yesterday, today we will discuss the topic.”

“Hey…” Gu Hai used his fingers to flick at Bai Luo Yin, “Say, your white vest was ripped right here. Why did you use a black thread to stitch it?”

Bai Luo Yin replied nonchalantly, “This is called cow!”


“Isn’t the body of a cow covered in black and white patterns?”


Gu Hai laughed. This guy’s retorts was very hilarious. But, how can it be called cow just because of a single black pattern? Many black patterns are needed for it to be called so. Hence, Gu Hai took out a small pair of scissors. Taking advantage of Bai Luo Yin when he was sleeping, he cut a lot of hole on his vest.

When Bai Luo Yin was on his way home, he withdrew his own neck. His heart was puzzled as to why his vest was not as warm as usual on this particular day.

“Da Hai, are you working out?”

Gu Hai plugged the earphones into his ear, allowing both of his hands to hold a needle and string of black thread. He was trying to insert the thread to the hole of the needle.

“I am threading a needle.”

“Threading a needle?” Jin Lulu laughed loudly, “After you left home, even no one is available to sew your clothing. You poor young master.”

Finally, he successfully inserted the thread to the needle. Gu Hai was extremely proud, his face a portrait of unrestrained evil.

“I’m not sewing for myself.”

A thunderous sound could be heard from the other end of the line.

“Then, who are you sewing for?”

Gu Hai lowered the volume of his earphone, his voice neutral, “What are you shouting for? It’s not like I’m sewing for a girl. Quit asking, you won’t understand anyway.”

Jin Lulu thought reasonably. How can a bad-tempered person like Gu Hai sew for a girl? If he see a boy tying a girl’s shoelaces on the street, he will scold them right away. It’s better not to mention this kind of useless things.

“Da Hai, I miss you, come visit me at Tianjin [1] during this weekend.”

Gu Hai placed his needlework down, took off his shoes neatly and climbed into the bed.


Translator Note:

[1] Tianjin is a major port city and one of the five national central cities of China. It located in coastal northeastern China. Tianjin is known for its food (particularly breakfast), culture (art performances) as well as the laidback and humorous lifestyle.


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