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Addicted: Chapter 16

Chapter 16: You dare to CHALLENGE ME?


Translator: Sienna7455

Editor: TJ


The next day, Bai Luo Yin came to school late again. Gu Hai stole a glance at his uniform, it was the same one as yesterday, and thus it was not stitched yet. Gu Hai was bold enough to cut holes into Bai Luo Yin’s uniform because he understood the extent of sloppiness in Bai household. He knew that Bai Luo Yin probably didn’t take off his clothes and directly went to sleep in his uniform instead.

Great, now everything is already prepared, all that’s left is the east wind [1].

Nevertheless, it’s a pity that the east wind doesn’t blow smoothly today.

Gu Hai kept on staring at Bai Luo Yin, waiting for him to fall asleep. But Bai Luo Yin was wide-awake that day. He was very energetic throughout two classes. His back was straight, just like a piece of wood.

Come on, fall asleep… Gu Hai chanted repeatedly in his mind.

Finally, near the end of the second period, Bai Luo Yin’s back slumped a bit and he gradually leaned on the table. Gu Hai waited silently. Right when Bai Luo Yin’s whole body had stopped moving, he extended his hands.

“Ring ring ring…”

The class had ended, Gu Hai gritted his teeth and withdrew his hand with a heavy heart.

The third period was physical education, Gu Hai temporarily placed the thread and needle into his drawer, saving it for the fourth period.

Their school employed a new physical education teacher. This teacher was a retiree from the army. He carried a taint of fearless and presumptuous aura. Just as the class began, he swore and scolded the entire class because of their standing posture, calling them a bunch of spineless cowards.

“You, quick line up the students.” The PE teacher appointed Ti Wei.

When Ti Wei shouted out the order, the PE teacher immediately howled, “You haven’t eaten yet?”

Ti Wei felt wronged, “I have eaten, but I am still hungry.”

The whole class laughed. The PE teacher took a step back. I am instructing you and you actually have the audacity to grin cheekily at me!

“Go back to your position. I will appoint a new person.”

With a look of disdain, he walked past every single student until the end of the line. His eyes finally rested on a person whose stance was completely different from other students. This student’s concealed expression implied aggressiveness. Looking at his figure and posture, he would definitely become the PE teacher’s successor.

“You, come out here.”

Gu Hai walked forward and carried himself valiantly with an impressive demeanor.

The face of the PE teacher finally showed satisfaction.

“Shout twice, I will listen.”

Gu Hai shot a glance at the PE teacher and noticed that he was an insufferably arrogant type of person. As if shouting twice would give you a reputation, even if you don’t tell me to shout, the flowers would still wither away, just like my opinion towards you.

“Orders are not meant to be shouted. If you do not have the trust of the people, they would not listen to you even though you shout until your throat bleeds. If you have the trust of the people, they would know what they must do even if your mouth is closed.”

After finishing the statement, a collective silence spread out.

No one expected that someone was brave enough to speak this kind of fine speech in front of the fierce and unreasonable PE teacher. They secretly conversed, this person is damned, yet they couldn’t help but to cheer for him. Everyone despised this kind of teacher, the person who dared to oppose the teacher will surely become a tragic but admirable hero in their mind.

The PE teacher acted as if he was possessed. Why is his manner of speaking very familiar? Looking at him in the eyes, why do I feel that our positions have been swapped? That’s not right. He is just a student! I am the teacher! I order him to do so, yet he do it the other way around. How does he manage to reverse our roles? This is unfair!

“What qualifications do you have, talking to me like this?”

Gu Hai retorted rudely, “Then, what are your so-called qualifications?”

The PE teacher’s face turned livid, pointing at the ground, he said, “If you can do fifty pushups in a minute, I will pretend that I didn’t hear what you said just now.”

Gu Hai snickered, both hands ready, waiting for the PE teacher to say ‘start’.

The PE teacher brought a stopwatch and cast a scornful glance at Gu Hai.


“1, 2, 3, 4,…”

The whole class counted and cheered Gu Hai at the same time. His movement speed was so fast that you could only see this kind of thing in the television. When the count reached fifty, there’s still half a minute left. Some of the boys even sweated, whether it was due to the sunlight or because they were truly frightened, nobody knew.


A burst of enthusiastic applause erupted from the ranks of students.

“What are you guys applauding for?” The PE teacher roared loudly until the whole class quieted down. He faced Gu Hai, “You think you are very honorable? Bah! The students don’t know what a joke you are! People treat you as a monkey and they treat me as the monkey trainer! You think people truly admire you? Do not flatter yourself!”

“Then, let me see you do one honorable thing.”

Gu Hai’s constant provocation caused some male students to jeer continuously from the back.

“Teacher, show us some of your abilities, too! We also want to see them. You just retired from the army, right? We also want to see what the integrity of a soldier looks like!”

“That’s right! You have great skills, so share it with us!”


The class’ jeering and Gu Hai’s indifferent expression pushed the PE teacher’s nerve slowly to the point of explosion. He realized that he should allow the students to witness his capabilities, so that they would not question him anymore.

“Quit your fussing. See that horizontal bar? Each of you will do pull-ups and do as much as you can. After all of you have finished, I will do it. Listen carefully, the number of pull-ups I can do will definitely exceed everyone’s sum of pull-ups.”

The whole class burst with excitement. A group of male students walked towards the horizontal bar. On the other hand, the female students stood around them while cheering for them. Some students from another class also came closer to watch the excitement. The previously silent sports ground was rapidly bustling with excitement.

The PE teacher set an example beforehand and explained that the chin must pass the bar while the feet must not touch the ground, this way it could be counted as one complete pull-up.

“1, 2… hey you, that is not counted, next student come forward… 3, 4, 5, 6,… 41, 42,…”

Although every male student did the pull-ups, no one was particularly outstanding, a lot of people couldn’t sustain their own weight. From the whole class, half of them were male, forty in total. Even if each student could do three pull-ups, the total would be more than one hundred. The people who had never undergone special training realized that it was a miracle if you manage to do several tens of pull-ups.

Looking around the ranks, the three remaining people were Bai Luo Yin, You Qi and Gu Hai.

The male students did 89 pull-ups altogether. Because of the PE teacher’s requirement, some students didn’t manage to do even one pull-up. Therefore, the PE teacher was fully prepared for what’s coming. He could do the pull-ups intermittently for 200 times. No matter how powerful Gu Hai was, it was unlikely that the sum of pull-ups from the three boys could surpass 100.

Translator Note:

[1] Great, now everything is already prepared, all that’s left is the east wind: this is an idiom, meaning that everything is ready except the most important thing (which is ‘the east wind’).


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