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Addicted: Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Are you being possessed?


Translator: Sienna7455


“You… you live in this place?”

After getting down from the bike and returning to reality, the Missus was immediately disconcerted.

Jin Lu Lu walked inside while furrowing her eyebrows, scrutinizing her surroundings. More than ten people lived in this small courtyard house. In front of them, there’s a woman who’s in the middle of coaxing her crying son. The child had just fallen down and hurt his forehead, he was bawling as if there was a razor blade in his throat, making other people feel uncomfortable when they listened to him.

“A… ptoey…”

Jin Lu Lu turned her head towards the sound and saw an old man spitting a mouthful of phlegm nearby her feet.

When Gu Hai opened his door, Jin Lu Lu’s step froze in front of the entrance.

The dark room was not more than ten meters square, inside the room, there was a single bed, a less-than-20-inch-length television, a square table with flaking paint. Moreover, when she entered the room, a damp and moldy stench could be smelled right away.

“People can live in this place?” Jin Lu Lu used her hands to rub her arm.

Gu Hai poured himself a glass of water and drank from it, he also poured a glass for Jin Lu Lu.

“Why can’t people live here? I’ve stayed with the army for so many years, the condition there wasn’t much better but I can still live in it.”

Jin Lu Lu expressed her disagreement, “But this place… isn’t it too awful?”

“There’s no good house in this neighborhood.”

Jin Lu Lu pulled Gu Hai to sit down, she still couldn’t accept it.

“Do you really have to find a house in this area? There’re many apartments nearby your school that you can choose from! Why do you have to insist on coming here and live in suffering?”

“I like this neighborhood.”

“Is… is this place really that good?”

“It’s quiet.”

Jin Lu Lu was unable to accept this kind of excuse.

“Didn’t your dad give you allowance?”

Gu Hai lit a cigarette and smoked reticently.

When Jin Lu Lu saw Gu Hai’s current appearance, she felt a wave of throbbing pain in her heart.

“If you really have no money, you can ask me! Li Shuo and Hu Zi are also rich, aren’t they? Maybe they won’t be able to draw out a few hundred thousands, but they surely have a few ten thousand yuan, right? Use it to rent a nicer house, won’t you? Do you really need to run yourself down to this extent? Besides, a dead starved camel is still bigger than a horse, even if your dad didn’t give you any allowance, don’t you always have some savings of your own?”

“I truly wanted to live here, it’s not related with money issues.”

Jin Lu Lu choked and coughed because of the smoke, she hastily opened the wrinkled window. Suddenly, she caught the sight of an old-model phone close to her.

“Don’t tell me you used this phone to call me every day?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Jin Lu Lu really wanted to cry, “No matter how loud I speak, the signal is still not good all day!”

Gu Hai took off his shoes and get up on the bed, both of his hand rested behind his head and his eyes stared at the ceilings.

Jin Lulu walked back and forth inside the room, honestly there’s nothing good here, so she started to look through Gu Hai’s schoolbag.

There’s nothing inside, only books.

Looking at it this way, it seems like he really doesn’t walk on a path of luck.

“Hey, why do you write your name differently from the design I gave you?” Jin Lu Lu looked at Gu Hai furiously.

Gu Hai rose from the bed and walked until he arrived in front of Jin Lu Lu, his eyes sparked an unusual, radiant light.

“Let me show you something.”

Jin Lu Lu stood beside him expectantly, she wanted to know what kind of treasure that Gu Hai had that make him so excited.

“Look at the handwriting in these two papers, is it similar?”

Jin Lu Lu picked up the papers and studied them for a while, one paper was Bai Luoyin’s writing while the other one was Gu Hai’s, imitating Bai Luoyin’s handwriting.

“It’s not the same,” Jin Lu Lu told Gu Hai objectively, “It’s totally different.”

Gu Hai couldn’t accept this kind of answer, both of his dashing eyebrows were furrowed together.

“It doesn’t resemble each other, not even a bit? Don’t look at the shape of character, look at the style of handwriting, the style, do you understand?”

“No matter how much I look at it, it’s still different.”

Gu Hai took the paper and tossed it to the table, he showed a composed look without uttering a sound.

Jin Lu Lu was amused by Gu Hai’s particular expression. Although they had been together for three years, but she’d never seen him fret because of such a petty little thing before. The current Gu Hai truly looked like a 17-year-old boy who couldn’t bear to see his own flaws, not even a tiny bit.

Only Gu Hai himself knew that almost all of his spare time were dedicated to exercise his handwriting.

That night, both of them crammed together to sleep in one bed.

Jin Lu Lu smelled Gu Hai’s enchanting body scent, her eyes squinted slightly and kissed Gu Hai’s chin lightly.

Gu Hai placed his hand on Jin Lu Lu’s back and caressed her gently.

Jin Lu Lu softly bit into Gu Hai’s ear, the heat of her breath spread all over half of his face.

Gu Hai’s flat and enticing lower abdomen slightly drew tight, his powerful legs hooked Jin Lu Lu and he easily held her below him. Jin Lu Lu laughed, fascinated, and then she placed her hands on Gu Hai’s neck.


“Hn?” Jin Lu Lu gazed at Gu Hai lovingly.

The corner of Gu Hai’s lips evoked a bewitched smile.

“Supposed if Bai Luoyin, that bad tempered and sulky guy, were to sleep in one bed with other people, what will he look like? Will he moan pleasurably? Or will he swear from time to time?”

When Gu Hai was talking, his eyesight drifted away from their romantic world.

Jin Lu Lu used her hands to stroke Gu Hai’s forehead and faintly asked him a question: “Are you being possessed?”


“Go to sleep!”

Jin Lu Lu retorted bitterly, rolled over and ignored Gu Hai.

Are you addicted?

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