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Advance Bravely: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Who said that?



Translator: @anhnguyen12332
Editor: Sae


Back in the police department, everyone had lined up to welcome the victorious Xia Yao.

“Xia Yao, my man. The winner of all three rounds!”

“The female colleagues from other departments are dying to take a picture with you.”

“The captain also wants to hold a party to celebrate your victory and have a meal with the brothers.”


It didn’t take long for Xia Yao to be besieged with a horde of mouthy comrades. However, he stayed silent and cleaned up his own personal items before forcing a smile, “I’m not feeling too well today. Let’s leave it until another time, okay?”

After saying that, he swung his uniform over his shoulders and made a quick exit.

“Hah, why does he not look so good?” “

“Perhaps it’s because that foreigner stole his first kiss, so Xia Yao is uncomfortable?”

“Pfft- you’ve got to be kidding me!”


Xia Yao’s home is located in Wang fujing [1], at the foot of the imperial palace. With an overall width of a few hundreds meters square, it’s an embodiment of a luxurious Chinese-styled home. But the architecture included only three rooms. The master bedroom that was as big as a stadium has a single king sized bed situated in the middle.

[1]: Wangfujing is one of the most famous malls of Beijing

“Hello, Hello!” A voice came from the side.

The greeting actually came from a hill myna [2]. It’s a very fast learner and so when Xia Yao has free time, he would teach the hill myna one or two sentences. When he was busy, he would hang a cassette by the window and the hill myna would learn by listening.

[2] a type of bird of the starling family (native to southeast Asia) that are characterized by their ability to mimic speech and are often kept as pets.

Recently, the hill myna had just learnt a line from a song that was kept on repeat so it would repeatedly say: “Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss, kiss me, kiss me passionately…”

Immediately hearing that, the veins on Xia Yao’s forehead rose.

What the hell are you doing singing like that, huh? “Kiss kiss kiss”, can’t you sing anything else?! Can’t you be more serious, huh? You’re singing like a broken machine, it’s absurd.

As it turns out, the cassette has ran out of battery and the sound playing was no different from what the hill myna was singing; like two broken stereo tapes.

“Stop singing!” Xia Yao roared.

The hill myna immediately repeated, “Stop singing,” then continued to shoot out a wave of “kiss”.

Xia Yao was burning with anger when the door suddenly creaked open. Peng Ze’s face appeared from behind the door.

“Why are you here?” Xia Yao grumbled.

Peng Ze was wearing a baseball cap as he proudly walked into the room, “I’ve been trying to call you but you would not pick up, so I decided to come by to personally invite you. There’s going to be a congratulatory party tonight dedicated to you! You should come!”

Without giving it a second thought, Xia Yao immediately replied, “Not going.”

“Don’t be like that! Dou sensei has already made reservations and many beautiful girls were invited as well. Don’t let him down.”

Heeding the person in front of him no attention, Xia Yao absently played with two nuts in his hands.

Peng Ze had an incomprehensible expression on his face, “I know you’re upset, but what’s wrong with a little party? Don’t you want to meet other people? Your brothers just want you to show off a little. You know, if I had a red carpet, I would’ve laid it at your feet already.”

“I’m not in the mood. “

Peng Ze choked on these words.

Suddenly, an unknown questioning voice appeared.

“Who’s talking?”

Peng Ze swiftly glued his eyes to Xia Yao, just to make sure that he wasn’t the one speaking.

And then it appeared again, “Who the hell is talking?”

Feeling scared to death, Peng Ze’s eyes wandered back to Xia Yao, whose lips still remained shut.

“Can–can you hear that weird noise”

Xia Yao hid his smile and coldly said, “Not at all!”

Right then, the bird uttered, “Who the hell is talking?”

At first Peng Ze was shock but then he quickly laughed and pointed his finger at Xia Yao. “Oh, I see! You’re using the sound of your stomach to trick me, right?”

Xia Yao, ” … “


News update: yes, that is right my lovelies! I will also be doing updates here on “Advanced Bravery” (just as I did with “Addicted III – the Continued story” for those of you who don’t know me from before).

So some of you might have noticed that our beloved author miss Chai Jidan has not done a lot of promoting for her new movie/series “Advanced Bravery”, unlike all of her earlier projects, and this is the most likely reasons why: I call it the “ShangYin aftermath” we all know more than enough what the Chinese government is capable of doing. Just look at “Addicted”! I believe Miss Chai did not choose to promote her film because she is afraid it would get blocked before it even comes out :)))). We don’t want that do we T_T? I think this is a smart move, and she doesn’t even have to advertise “Advance Bravery” to acquire viewers ???✌?️”

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  1. Finally I got to read this novel. Lol Let’s hope that this will not be blocked by the Chinese government just like what they did to Addicted. Thinking of it makes me want to cry. Thanks Ann and Sae!

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