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Lawless: Chapter 10





Before Xiao Li got in the car, he put his cigarette out and flung it to the ground. The entire time he drove, only silence accompanied them.

Qi Xiu Yuan held onto Jiang Xiao Ning since they both were sitting in the back seats. Slowly the entire situation flowed back into his head and the more he thought about it, the angrier he felt, wishing that he could return to Jin Ting and set it ablaze. Unfortunately, this was something that he cannot accomplish.

As a result of these thoughts, a dark and gloomy fire emerged from the depths of his heart.

On the road, he ruthlessly glared at Xiao Li from the rearview mirror the entire time. It seems like, in this way, he was able to somewhat dissolve his anger.

“We’re here,” said Xiao Li as he stopped the car.

Qi Xiu Yuan opened the back door and helped Jiang Xiao Ning up.

Xiao Li went over and said: “I’ll help you.”

“There’s no need to,” replied Qi Xiu Yuan with a rather cold and indifferent tone as he placed one of Jiang Xiao Ning’s arm over his neck, supporting him.

Xiao Li stood to the side, “That’s good, please take care of yourself,” he then turned and went to open the driver door.

Qi Xiu Yuan looked at his back. It was still the broad as he had remembered it the firs time he saw it.

He himself doesn’t even know why as he called out.

“Xiao Li.”

Xiao Li stopped and leaned his body to the side, his face drawn with questions.

Qi Xiu Yuan doesn’t know what to say anymore, he could only stare blankly at him. Yet even then, this blank gaze was dancing with an overwhelming sense of desperation that has yet to be named.

Puzzled, Xiao Li asked, “Qi Laoshi, is there something else?”

Surprisingly, QI Xiu Yuan still did not say anything, he felt at a loss for words looking at the person in front of him. Finally, without any better option, he just said: “Thank you for today.”

It was that sweet sounds of laughter that sang in the air around them as Xiao Li laughed then smiled: “We were the ones that caused the problems, there’s no need for you to be polite.”

Qi Xiu Yuan discovered that he himself really disliked what Xiao Li had said. “We.”

Xiao Li got in the car and quickly drove away.

Qi Xiu Yuan watched until the car’s shadow disappeared before he helped Jiang Xiao Ning up the stairs.

“Laoshi, who was that person?”

Jiang Xiao Ning was weak yet he still couldn’t suppress his own curiosity.

Qi Xiu Yuan was silent for a long while before he said, “The person that helped you get out.”

“Huh?” Jiang Xiao Ning felt rather moved upon hearing this, “What’s his name? What kind of person is he?”

But no matter what he asked, Qi Xiu Yuan remained silent, not saying anything else.

Once he entered the house, he gave Jiang laoshi a call first and told him that he had ran into Jiang Xiao Ning on the street and talked to him for a while. As they talked he simply invited him over to continue their on with their chats and seeing as it was late, it was best for him to stay over. Jiang laoshi expressed his gratitude and entrusted him to watch over his son.

Although Qi Susu was surprised by the unexpected guest, she quickly helped tidy up a guest room for him to rest in. These two brother and sister helped Jiang Xiao Ning settled in properly before each returning to their respective room.

On this night, Qi Xiu Yuan suffered from insomnia again.

For some reason, just as usual he thought of Xiao Li again. This time, he recalled the manner in which he smoked. Those lips were shaped so beautifully; each lines drawn to perfection. They had a thin and dry appearance to them as they loosely held in the crimson end of the cigarette. Softly it pursed up, then slowly those lips would slightly open. It a very seductive and enticing action, the smoke slipped out of his mouth and kissed the air around it. Those eyes that lured him in with great intensity was looking elsewhere, toward an unknown source.

At that time, if he were to lean in close enough to him, he might have been able to know what flavor the cigarette was.

It was only when he woke up did he actually realized that he had fallen asleep a moment ago. The clock hanging on the wall showed that it was 5:30am in the morning.

Looking down, there was a thin layer of wet sticky like fluid below his stomach.

He had breakfast to make, and a pair of underpants that needed washing, but he simply searched for his cell phone instead. Once he found Xiao Li’s contact page, he stared at that name longingly, desperately, and hopelessly for a long while.

Then he deleted the number.

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  1. Oh dear… Qi Laoshi is so hooked on Xiao Li. All he does now is just cute, except his deleting the number. ?

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