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Lawless: Chapter 14





Xiao Li wiped his dripping wet hair with a towel as he walked out of the bathroom. But, all he saw was two women lying on the bed.

“Wow, You’re Li ge?”

A curly hair woman sat up straight and lifted her long hair, “So manly and…. everything else is first class as well.”

The other woman with straight hair was still lying on the bed, not moving from her spot. Her eyes remained fixed on Xiao Li as she placed her finger in her mouth and sucked at it seductively. While continuing to chew on her finger, she smiled and said: “Not only is Li ge first class, his abilities are also quite outstanding ah. I heard, you had even captured Wu Tou Gui [Headless Demon] and Lao Bing Gui.[Sick Demon] No wonder, Qing Ye[1] even wanted to reward you with his own women.”

The curly woman began to slowly suck on her finger as well, “Li ge, Qing Ye said, this time you caught those two demons so he sent you two sluts. Next time, if you catch another, he wants to reward you with a gathering. Then we’ll follow you, wouldn’t that hold a good prospect?”

Xiao Li walked towards the bed while laughing and said: “Unfortunately, I don’t like threesomes, I like one on one.”

“Oh, I couldn’t tell. Li ge, you’re so reserve ah.” The straight hair woman also sat up and with the curly hair woman, they both crawled slowly toward the bedside.

The curly hair woman’s face moved close to the area between Xiao Li’s legs and softly laughed, “Between Jing Jing and A Mei, which one of us do you find fits your taste?”

After those words sang out, she moved on down, took Xiao Li’s member that hasn’t liven up yet and gently placed it in her mouth, sucking it.

Xiao Li lowered his head for a quick glance and said indifferently to the other woman: “You can leave first.”

“Li ge, do you really mean that, Xiao Mei is deeply hurt by this.”

The woman name Xiao Mei got up. Both her hands caressed Xiao Li’s chest while her eyes watched Xiao Li attentively. Then enticingly, she licked her lips in a circular motion, “But Li ge, you’re so handsome and delicious, Xiao Mei wants to taste that too.”

Xiao Li reach out with his hand and held her chin as he stared back in her eyes before stressing out each word: “Get. Out.”

There was something in his eyes that seemed to have frightened Xiao Mei. She stared blankly for a moment, then piling up a large amount of smile on her lips again, she laughed: “Li ge, you’re such a heartless person ah. Then, Xiao Mei will go out and wait for you. Oh, if you want Xiao Mei you must call for me.”

After saying that, she waltzes out of the room, leaving behind Jing Jing who haven’t utter any words as she continued to concentrated on taking Xiao Li in her mouth. Looking on as she did this, he gradually relaxed into the pleasant sensation. Xiao Li closed his eyes and lightly gasped in one go.

Suddenly the sound of his cell phone humming and buzzing went off. Xiao Li impatiently opened his eyes and pushed Jing Jing off before he turned around and grabbed the cell phone that was placed on the cabinet.

Why is it Qi Xiu Yuan again?

He lowered his head and looked at his phone. Just as he was thinking, all of a sudden, there was a rustling sound behind him. Xiao Li quickly evaded by leaning his head to the side then one of his elbow shot back and struck someone behind him.

The attacker painfully shouted out and drew back a few steps.

With ease, Xiao Li quickly grabbed the ashtray on the cabinet, got of the bed and swung his body back around to face the person.

The curly hair woman was holding a syringe in both of her hands. Her eyes were brilliantly twinkling with excitement as she slightest bowed and lunged toward him.

Xiao Li took two steps back, raised one of his foot and kicked her to the side while simultaneously saying: “Whose subordinate are you?”

The woman did not say anything. Her eyes were brimming with excitement as she rushed toward him again with the syringe.

At this moment, the door was pushed open with a thundering thud. The straight hair woman that had left just a moment ago reappeared wearing a black outfit from head to toe. The gun in her hand looked cold as its barrel took aim. Behind her, were the shadows of several people.

Xiao Li gloomily cursed in his head. He immediately grabbed the curly hair woman and used her as a shield in front of him. Not daring to turn around, he kept his eyes on the numerous people in front and backed up. Going only on his intuition, he slowly moved the ashtray that was in his hand back and exerting all the strength he had, he smashed the window.

There were several ‘clanging and crashing’ as the huge panel of glass fell down. Only a few pieces of sharp glass remained on the window frame.

The straight hair woman was still standing at the same spot, preparing to take aim at her target. But, the curly hair woman struggled in Xiao Li’s hold then suddenly the syringe in her hand swung backward.

Xiao Li could only feel the pain on his thigh.

Alarmed, he placed both hands on this woman’s shoulder and using all his strength he twisted it. “Ka” “Ka” two quick sounds indicated the dislocation of both her arms.

The woman cried out in pain. Xiao Li suddenly pushed her forward, turned around and jumped out of the smashed window.

The curly hair woman groaned in pain on the ground, but the straight hair woman didn’t even bother looking at her as she charged toward the window and looked outside.

Although it hasn’t pass midnight yet, the deep darkness of the night had long enveloped the alley downstairs. At first she thought that the dusky lighting would make it easier to deal with a hostage or corpse but now it has become her obstruction instead.

She narrowed her eyes into the darkness and said coldly, “Quick go find him! Don’t let him escape or it’ll be hard to handle later,” then she took the lead and leaped out of the widow.

Soon in the middle of the room, there were only the woman lying on the ground, suffering in pain.


The cell phone that was still buzzing on the cabinet.

Translator’s Note:

[1] Qing Ye – ‘Ye’ means master or gentleman. Qing Ye…. important. You’ll meet him soon. [I don’t like him :>]


  1. Wow… things are escalating so fast. I think the phone call saved him in a way though.

    He could have been there in his ‘birthday suit’ enjoying the ‘special’ treatment and those thugs could have overpowered him. That was their plan anyway, but he was quite alert with the phone call.

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