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Lawless: Chapter 15





Qi Xiu Yuan could only recognize that Lincoln limousine.

It was definitely the car that was parked in front of the school main gate the first time he was ‘received.’ It had that extremely arrogant license plate number. It was now parked in front of the , a famous entertainment place.

“Driver, stop here,” said Qi Xiu Yuan out of reflex.

After getting out of the taxi, Qi Xiu Yuan remained standing at the same spot. Turning his head slightly, he stared at that limousine for a while longer.

Then, he pulled out his cell phone and dialed Xiao Li’s number.

What should I say? I saw your car in front of the Arc de Triomphe. It just so happens that I’m also here, wouldn’t it be better if we go together? What if he’s actually not here? If this car was picking up and dropping someone else, what should I say? Ah, so you’re actually not at the Arc de Triomphe, that’s fine. Since, we’re already on the phone, how about meeting up? If I say it like that, would he come out? Would he think I’m boring then refuse? No, he won’t refuse. He would only find a reason to decline right?

When all he heard was, “Sorry, the person you are calling is temporarily unavailable, please call again later,” Qi Xiu Yuan then put his phone away.

Why didn’t he pick up? Is he busy? Who is he with? If he noticed that he has a missed call, would he call back?

Qi Xiu Yuan let out a long sigh before taking another glance at that Lincoln limousine again, then he decided to leave.


His legs seemed to have a mind of their own. Curious, he turned and walked into that small alleyway to the side. He felt about in the dark alley in an attempt to see if he can reach the back alley of the Arc de Triomphe or not.

The Arc de Triomphe would most definitely demand an extremely expensive membership card. It would be impossible to enter through the front. If I can somehow get to the back alley and look up, maybe by chance Xiao Li would be in one of those rooms, maybe by chance he would look down……

Qi Xiu Yuan felt as though he was a young boy awakening to love for the first time, or if not, he was indeed a madman. Otherwise, why else would he do this kind of senseless actions? For amusement?

Through the dusky lighting, Qi Xiu Yuan turned two corners, then walked straight for a while longer. When he raised his head again, it seems the Arc de Triomphe has become a lot closer. Ahead of him was a vague corner. He couldn’t help but to sped up his pace.

All of a sudden, from within the darkness, a hand stretched out and pushed him in the back. Qi Xiu Yuan didn’t even have time to react yet when someone pressed him against the wall. Qi Xiu Yuan’s hands hit the wall as he tried to support him, he wanted to around but the person used all the strength in his hand and held the back of his neck, pressing his face against the surface of the wall.

“Don’t make any sound,” said the person in a low whisper. His words were laced with a menacing threat, as it came close to Qi Xiu Yuan’s ear.


Qi Xiu Yuan frozen for a moment, he thought he had appeared in a fantasy.

“Don’t try anything stupid. Take it off!”

The person’s hand pushed his neck again, and repeated those words again.

“Xiao Li?!”

His face was pressed so hard against the wall, that it was quickly going to deform and his voice cracked, unlike how it normally is.

“It’s me, Qi Xiu Yuan.”

The pressure on his neck disappeared as he was turned around.

“Why are you here?” Xiao Li asked.

“It’s a coincidence……” The scene within his line of sight made Qi Xiu Yuan have a slow reaction.

Even though they were enveloped by the darkness, Qi Xiu Yuan could still see that, at least Xiao Li, wasn’t wearing a shirt or jacket.

“There’s nothing for you here, quick……ah!” Xiao Li swayed all of a sudden and fell forward.

Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes widened before he quickly stretched his hands out to hold him. Worried, he became incessantly frenetic: “What’s going on?”

Xiao Li’s body continued to slide down, dragging Qi Xiu Yuan down with him His knee hits the ground with a thud.

“I won’t die. It’s just I can’t move. There’s people chasing after me……quick leave, go to ‘Jin Ting’ and find Han Jia……”

“No, that’s too far,” said Qi Xiu Yuan, “I’ll carry you away.”

Xiao Li had already become speechless. He leaned on Qi Xiu Yuan’s sturdy body. Worse, he could not control the violent tremble that befell his limbs. His voice was stiff when he spoke again: “Quick, let’s go……”

Even though the darkness concealed them, from the deepest distant of the alley they could already hear the rapid sounds of footsteps coming their way.

The person in his embrace is a dangerous gang member, he would also always bring danger to others. But now, he himself is in the midst of danger and is unexpectedly weak and needed protection.

One of Qi Xiu Yuan’s hand support Xiao Li, while the other fished around for his cell phone.

The straight hair woman with black clothes on and her subordinates quietly but with utmost speed searched around. After turning many corners, they unexpectedly saw a vague brightness in the distant. The woman raised her hand, hinting at her subordinates to remained still where they were standing. They all listened carefully to the sounds around them.

“Yes, that’s right captain. To the side of the Arc de Triomphe. Walk into the alley, then after taking a right turn, you’ll arrive. A person had fallen here……So you’re actually patrolling near the area ah, that’s really great!……okay, I won’t hang up the call, but how much longer until you guys get here? I think this is not an ordinary drunkard……in two minutes? Come with more people! After we finish with this, everybody can go out and eat a midnight snack together……”

The black outfit woman’s complexion changed and her clothes sink into the darkness. She made a hand gesture, and the group of people that quietly and rapidly came, also quietly and rapidly disappeared into the dim light of the night.

Waiting until the slightest sound of footsteps could not be heard anymore, Qi Xiu Yuan finally put the phone down. Then he noticed that his palm had become sweaty.

He lowered his voice and asked, “Xiao Li, are you okay?” while quickly taking off his own shirt and draping it over Xiao Li’s body.

Xiao Li was still trembling. If one didn’t carefully listen to the sound of his voice with care, one simply wouldn’t hear: “……thank you……”

“Should I take you to the hospital first or Jin Ting? Take a taxi or look for the driver of your Lincoln car?”

“……take a taxi……go to the hospital……what are you doing……”

“I……I’m just helping you put this pants on.” Qi Xiu Yuan was flustered as he busily took of his own pants and dragged it up Xiao Li’s legs.

Although he had dreamt about this scene, but once his hands touched Xiao Li’s skin, all he could feel was ice cold wetness. He doesn’t know whether it the cold sweat came from his own hand or Xiao Li’s.

In this instant, no romantic thoughts conjured. He only took pity on and felt sorry for this person.

On this night, a strange phenomenon occurred and created a scene on the street.

A young man wearing only underpants was carrying on his back another drunken man, while flagging down a taxi in the middle of the street.

At that time, there weren’t many pedestrians, but the ones that did see this act, without exception would shake their heads in disapproval and sigh. ‘Public morals are degenerating with each passing day,’ they muttered.

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