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Lawless: Chapter 2





One of Xiao Li’s subordinate guided him toward the seated area, “Qi Laoshi, please sit here.”

Qi Xiu Yuan didn’t say anything as he silently looked at the table full of exotic delicacies from various places, along with beautifully designed utensils that glimmered underneath the sunlight. Not to mention, even the gorgeous dining table was decorated with several different kinds of fresh flowers that were display in very exquisite vases.

Soon after, several of the members sat down beside them, evident that they were going to join in. This kind of atmosphere made Qi Xiu Yuan felt as though he was in the middle of some sort of feud which left a rather threatening aura lingering in the air.

He let out a deep sigh and impatiently said, “I thought that Mr. Xiao wanted to discuss a more important matter with me, not have a meal.”

Xiao Li looked at him with uncanny eyes and said, “Qi Laoshi, you’ve just gotten out of work, you must be hungry by now. How about we eat first then talk afterwards? If the food is not to your liking––”

Qi Xiu Yuan leaned back into the chair, glaring at him, “I’m not hungry.”

Xiao Li became silent for a moment before he nodded, accepting Qi Xiu Yuan stern statement, “Then we can talk first. Lin Zi, take all these away.”

The obedient yet fierce looking members wore a rather disappointed expression picked up the plates. They let out a sigh as they in succession, carried those delicious food, decors and even the table away.

Under Xiao Li’s silent order, given in the sign of a slight nod, the members all stood up and situated themselves far away from them.

Now, the only thing that remained between the gang leader and the school teacher was the smooth and shiny floor. Only this bit of space separated them.

With less gang members waiting on them and staring at him, Qi Xiu Yuan’s mood became a bit calmer. He then shot a quick glance at Xiao Li, whose piercing eyes were also fixated on him. All of a sudden, his eyes darted away toward the floor beneath his feet, in an escape to avoid having their eyes meet in such a silent and unwavering air.

All Qi Xiu Yuan could hear was Xiao Li’s voice as he continued to stare at the patterns on the floor, almost mesmerized by its delicate lines.

“Qi Laoshi, I presume you’ve already met Xiao Yang.”

A simple grunt escaped Qi Xiu Yuan’s lips.

“Xiao Yang is a good kid. Since little, he has always been calm and kind-hearted. I can assure you, he has a very good head on his shoulder. Right now, he also has a stable job with a considerably high income,” said Xiao Li honestly, “There’s really no need for you to worry about anything else. He has never been involved in or done anything in regards to my business.”

Qi Xiu Yuan remained silent, not saying anything; those pattern on the floor were instead rather captivating.

“Qi Laoshi, Xiao Yang has mentioned about you to me before. I also have a deep respect for you. I, myself, have chosen this path, but I will never let my own younger brother follow the same path. He’s very determined and have worked hard toward his goals. Attending school, studying abroad, and even working, he has always relied on his own abilities —“

“That’s impossible,” said Qi Xiu Yuan.

“Qi Laoshi………”

“There’s no need to say anything else. Where did he get the money to go abroad?” Qi Xiu Yuan lifted his gaze and stared squarely at Xiao Li with unwavering eyes, “At that time, he was just a student, where would he get that kind of money from? He’d just returned home and he already found a really high paying job. Are you really telling me, that this has completely nothing to do with you at all?” there was a contemptuous smile on his face, “Even if there were no economic relations, he has to have called you ‘brother’ right?”

Xiao Li’s brows knitted together, creating several creases between them. Whatever he had wanted to say, he was not able to as Qi Xiu Yuan had already stood up and walked toward him.

Qi Xiu Yuan stood in front of him. With his waist bent forward in Xiao Li’s direction, he stared at him right in the eye and asked: “It hurts, doesn’t it?”

“It’s okay.”

Xiao Li’s shoulder and chest slightly shifted back, leaning into the sofa.

Qi Xiu Yuan took one step forward and leaned in a bit closer: “Mr. Xiao, I may not know your gang’s rules or practices, but I believe that the person who gave you this wound, is most likely in even more pain than you are right now. You definitely made him pay back a hundredfold for the pain he inflicted on you. Perhaps his arm was chop off or perhaps it was his leg that was chop off. I don’t really care about these things. What I care about is, when he wants you to repay him back a hundredfold of the pain you had caused him, how can you guarantee that the one closest to you won’t be implicated?” Qi Xiu Yuan lets out a cold sneer full of dissatisfaction, “When the time comes, if something bad were to happen to Xiao Yang, what will happen to Susu?”

Xiao Li narrowed his eyes, his own gaze fixated on the person whose face was in a rather close proximity to his own. His pursed lips tightened, evident of the anger he suppressed, yet he still didn’t say anything.

Qi Xiu Yuan straightened his body up and took two steps backward before letting out a sigh, “Mr. Xiao, we’re just an ordinary family. We don’t want to provoke any unnecessary troubles. You only have one younger brother, but I also only have one younger sister.”

Xiao Li frowned, his vision shifted. The expression in his eyes reminded Qi Xiu Yuan of his students that were left speechless, dumbstruck and unable to reply, after he had lectured them.

Such a tall and intimidating gang leader remained seated on this sofa, yet his appearance was cloaked by an air of distress.

For no apparent reason at all, Qi Xiu Yuan’s heart suddenly softened; the words that were even more harsh and more offensive to hear refused to come out of his lips.

A lingering, silent atmosphere transmitted between the two, unknowingly weighing down on them.

Then, a moment later, Qi Xiu Yuan let out a deep breath and said: “Mr. Xiao, if there’s nothing else, I would like go home. I still have to teach tomorrow.”

From hearing those words, Xiao Li promptly stood, “Qi Laoshi, I’ll let someone take you back.”

Thinking back to the vehicle…. that Lincoln, that took him from the school gate and ‘transported’ him to this place, the color on Qi Xiu Yuan changed. “There’s no need to, I don’t want to attract any attention.”

Upon hearing that point, playing it by ear by adjusting to the circumstances, Xiao Li said, “Qi Laoshi doesn’t want to be seen in such an extravagant manner, I will tell them to change the car. Please don’t refuse. This way, I can be at ease a bit more.”

A few seconds later, Qi Xiu Yuan found himself following a gangster member out of the door. Once outside, there was already a low-key black sedan at the front gate waiting for him.

Giving the entranceway another glance, Qi Xiu Yuan reluctantly entered.

Just as the car was about to leave, Xiao Li came out and knocked on the side of the window where Qi Xiu Yuan was seated.

Qi Xiu Yuan was still hesitant, but the chauffeur had already rolled the window down.

“Qi Laoshi, take this,” said Xiao Li before he handed him a case, “I’m very sorry for making you lose your appetite. Take this midnight snack with you.”

Qi Xiu Yuan thought about it for a moment then took the case. As he looked at Xiao Li’s sincere eyes, he couldn’t help but to say thank you.

On the way back, the chauffeur’s face was expressionless, and not a single word was heard from him. By this point, Qi Xiu Yuan was beyond nervous.

 It seems, what Susu said were all true, he doesn’t really resemble a lawless gangster, thought Qi Xiu Yuan. No, that’s wrong, he firmly told himself. If you were one of those people that had your arm and leg chopped off, you wouldn’t think like this.

Translator’s Note:

[1] younger brother – younger or new member of the gang


  1. Professor big bro has a point. No matter how nice someone is, you can’t account for their enemies being as courteous.

  2. This always make me laugh… what kind of a gangster feel so intimidated in the presence of a school teacher. ?

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