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Lawless: Chapter 29






Xiao Yang was thrown down into the middle of a pile of broken chairs. The pain that wrung his entire body senseless made it impossible for him to get back up, but even then, his mouth still refused to be weakened.

“You guys……you guys lied to me!” He angrily denounced the men in front of him.

“Aren’t you being a bit ridiculous by saying this young master Xiao? Even if I, Da Gui Ge, is part of the underworld, you can’t just go around framing me like that you know.”

A dark face, fat and tall man pulled out a stick of cigarette and lit it, then inhaled.

Curling up, Xiao Yang groaned in pain and said, “Didn’t I help you guys? I fucking helped you guys!”

“Actually, now that you mention it, this is all thanks to you.” Da Gui laughed mischievously.

Just as he was about to say something else, a young man with dyed red hair suddenly laughed and immediately said, “Da Gui Ge, you didn’t see it at that time, this young master Xiao is definitely no ordinary person.” He restrained his laughter before continuing on to say, “The moment he heard we want to cut his hand off, his legs became weak like noodles and he nearly piss his pants.”

The group of men that encircled Xiao Yang all burst into a loud laughter.

Another young man on the side said, “Then he cried so fucking loud, it was as if his parents had died. He incessantly shouted, ‘spare me please, spare me.’ Let me tell you, he sniveled until his face was covered in snots ah!”

The men laughed loudly again.

The red hair youth felt he had been robbed of the limelight so he quickly said, “And, when Dong Ye [Luo Dong] was presence, he immediately commanded, ‘If Han Jia is not capture, I can still make Xiao Li miserable? Cut it off!!’ This kid immediately kneeled down.” He squeezed his own throat and used a pleading tone to say, “’Spare my life, I’ll help you capture Han Jia!’”

Everyone roared with laughter; Da Gui joined them and said with mockery, “Who would have guessed, his method was actually useful. Humph, your brother didn’t even do anything when he saw that hand, yet Han Jia actually came to throw his life away. Young master Xiao, who’s actually your blood brother huh?”

Watching those five men surrounding him, making fun of him and laying out his weakness, Xiao Yang’s insides were filled with fiery flames, but he didn’t have the nerve to refute. All he could so was hatefully say, “It doesn’t matter, didn’t you say, you guys already captured Han Jia? Didn’t you say when Han Ji showed his face, you’ll let me go?”

“We’ve indeed let you go ah.” Da Gui proudly smiled and said, “After Han Jia showed up, we’ve immediately let you go, right? But, we’ve never said we wouldn’t capture you again after we’ve let you go.”

Under the roaring laughter, Xiao Yang was riddled with anxiousness and began to cough. Consumed with anger, he said, “You guys, what the fuck do you guys want with me?”

Da Gui faced the red hair youth and gave him a signal with his eyes. The youth stepped forward and touched Xiao Yang’s pocket.

Seeing as his body was being touched, Xiao Yang eyes widened while a burst of fear settled into his stomach, “You………what are you doing?”

The red hair youth had already pulled out a cell phone from Xiao Yang’s pant pocket, but when he saw him shivered in fear, he kicked him and cursed, “Fucker, I don’t even fancy someone as good looking as Han Jia, why the fuck would I fancy you?”

The surrounding men snickered, causing red hair youth’s face to turn bright red, then he kicked Xiao Yang a few more times.

“It’s smart of Da Gui Ge to capture and wrap you up like this; beating you half to death, then letting you go. Seeing as this place is so remote, you’ve definitely look for Xiao Li to come and get you. Once Xiao Li heard that you’re out of danger, you think he wouldn’t come here himself……”

Xiao Yang suddenly became excited. He was in so much pain, he couldn’t say anything else anymore; all he could do was to continuously struggle.

Seeing this, the red hair youth kicked him again, “What are you being so anxious for? Even if Xiao Li doesn’t personally come, we’ve shadowed you. As soon as you finished calling him, we’ve recapture and brought you back here again. It’s not like we have anything to lose.” He twisted his head around to look at Da Gui and fawningly say, “Da Gui Ge, what do you think about what I say?”

“You’ve said it well!” Da Gui was beaming with smiles, “We’ve definitely watched him make a phone call right?”

“Of course,” said another subordinate from the side, “Our young master Xiao only walked halfway up a mountain, then fell and rolled back down. He’d even lie on his stomach and made a call. His voice was filled with such grievance as he spoke, saying, ‘quick come and get me, if you come late, I’ll be dead.’ Da Zhou and I waited until he finished with the call before we lifted him up and carried him back here. There are still three of us waiting over there.”

Brimming with happiness, Da Gui was just about to say something else but stopped when he saw the red hair youth swiping through Xiao Yang’s call history, then charged toward Xiao Yang and kicked him a few more times.

“Motherfucker, you think you’re amazing because you’ve been abroad. I even fucking thought it was pinyin.[1] But it’s actually all fucking foreign words. You don’t love your country, I’ll fucking kick you to death. You traitor, I’ll fucking kick you to death!!”

Just as the group of men rose in an uproar, some people were at the door.

“Da Gui Ge,” they shouted, “We’ve captured someone, but this person said he doesn’t know who Xiao Li is ah.”

Xiao Yang suddenly moved and struggled to lift his head up, he hissed and shouted out, “Susu, Susu………”

Everyone turned their heads around and saw a handsome and elegant young man with his hands tied behind his back. Although he was being shoved into the room the entire time, his expression however was still drawn with calmness.

He saw Xiao Yang lying on the ground, then looked around at the other people. Letting out a sigh, he said, “Excuse me, did you tied me up and brought me here because you need a math tutor?”

Translator’s note:

[1] Pinyin, or Hànyǔ Pīnyīn, is the official romanization system for Standard Chinese in mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. It is often used to teach Standard Chinese, which is normally written using Chinese characters.

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