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Lawless: Chapter 33





As far as Qi Xiu Yuan is concerned, this was a dark day.

Once Xiao Li dropped him off at home, he didn’t bother to change out of his clothes and immediately fell asleep on the bed. By the time he woke up, all he felt was the numbness consuming his limbs, his empty stomach, and that Susu was not home again. Without any other option, he could only find something small to fill his stomach.

During the afternoon, he dragged his pale, sickly face and wounded body to school. Within minutes, a colleague that was directly under the headmaster, showed some “concerns” to him; mainly saying that he was too young to be absent for so many times, then urged him to be wholeheartedly devoted to his work, as well as not to get mixed up in any chaotic matters. He had nearly said that he doesn’t have any proper ethic as a teacher. Qi Xiu Yuan calamitously moved his aching feet to class only to find out that two students did not complete their assignments. After class, he angrily hauled those two students to his office and lectured them; it was only after he attentively watched them complete their math assignments did he allowed them to return home.

By now, his hunger had brought about an unbearable stomachache; even the wounds on his body sored with an unyielding pain.

Once 8 o’clock rolled by, his heart was welcomed by the most powerful phone call.

Xiao Yang’s voice was overwhelmed with an extremely unusual sense of panic and confusion.

“Qi dage, do you know where Xiao Li went?”

“What happened?”

Qi Xiu Yuan who had just leaned against the sofa to recuperate, immediately jumped up, nearly twisted his waist.

“Today, he……he transferred a lot of money under my name……” Xiao Yang’s voice started to tremble. “It was a lot of money……it’s practically all his assets……I gave him a call and no one picked up. I…don’t know how to find him……”

“Cool your head first!” Qi Xiu Yuan held his waist, mentally beckoning the pain that seared to go away while saying, “Those subordinates that are close to him, the ones like Lin Zi and so on, do you have their phone numbers?”

“No, I don’t. Why would I have their phone number!” Xiao Yang’s speech quickened, “Xiao Li had given me two phone numbers before, saying that if something urgent came up and I couldn’t find him, I can look for those two people. Why would I save those kind of people’s phone numbers! But, now I……I……when he took me back home today, he touched my head……he hasn’t touched my head for a long time now……” his voice lowered, “Qi dage, tell me, did he went to look for Han Jia?”

Qi Xiu Yuan went silent for a moment before asking, “Xiao Yang, you really don’t know where Han Jia is?”

“I know where it is. I heard that man Da Gui mention it.” Xiao Yang’s voice lowered even more, “I told Xiao Li I didn’t know because I was afraid he would run there and get into a fight with those people. But even now, he still silently disappeared……”

“Where is he?” Qi Xiu Yuan sighed, “Tell me, I’ll think of something.”

After letting the call go, Qi Xiu Yuan paced around the house for a while. He noticed that during these two days, his health was worsening from extreme exhaustion and the wounds that were drawn on him.

Finally, he sat down on the sofa and picked up his cell phone. His brows drew together tightly while he stared at it for a moment before he looked for that person’s name and number.

Qi Susu came out of the kitchen carrying a small bowl of yogurt. She ate while curiously asking, “Who are you calling that you need to think about it for so long huh?”

Qi Xiu Yuan pressed the call button and before the person on the other side connected through to him, he answered Susu’s question.

“A man that must not be asked for help.”

“Oh, then what are you calling him for?”

“Asking him for help.”



Ice cold water mixed with tiny ice cubes was doused on his head, causing Han Jia to shiver uncontrollably. His consciousness blurred as he tried to crack his lids open, but he could only hear the faint sound of someone to the side speaking.

“Don’t kill him. Dong Ye was slandered and destroyed by this kid’s hands and only left with a few breaths of life back then.”

“Boss, don’t worry. I guarantee, even if he wants to die, he won’t be able to.”

“Yeah.” Someone walked to the side of Han Jia and used his foot to turn his face over, “Rinse him up a couple more times. What a fucking filth. Don’t let it ruin Dong Ye’s mood later.”

The cold water flowed down on him again.

With great effort, Han Jia curled up and tried to escape from the coldness that pierced his bones. This unbearable coldness restored a portion of his consciousness. Since he had huddled for such a long time, the muscles on his shoulder were twisted and sore, making way for a sense of numbness to trickle beneath his nerves. The lower half of his body and abdomen fell into a fit of cramps as his tendon tightened with pain. A sharp and severe pain crumpled and shot throughout his whole body, from the hairs on his head to his toes.

How long has it been since the last time something was used to attack him? Ten minutes or an hour?

Han Jia silently groaned. He already doesn’t have any concept of time.

Perhaps, a few days had passed by already?

All he knew was that, this body had been severely beaten and ill-treated for a very long time. That’s right, once the cold water was doused on him again, he slowly remembered those cruel violations, the pain that ripped through his skin, as well as those disgusting faces colored with malicious mockery and the vicious retaliation that reflected with elation in their eyes.

“Xiao[1] Han baby, don’t you love Dong Ye’s cock the most?”

“You got on Dong Ye’s bed and still dare to swindle him? You never expected that Dong Ye would live and come back to find you?

“Li Shi Qing already betrayed you. Even Xiao Li doesn’t have the guts to let his own ass go. Just let Dong Ye slowly fuck you for the rest of your life.”

And then what? Drench this body in water and beat it with a whip? Then cut of a piece of his flesh at a time with a dagger and streak the blood across the sky? Or do those things that would cause one to tremble with fear repeatedly……

Han Jia felt the chill in his bone, and the scorching heat that boiled his stomach. It was as if his organs were being churned with lava.

Someone came over to hold his shoulder and another raised his legs; he seemed to be moving. While being bumped up and down, he felt cloud of darkness slowly shrouding his consciousness.

“Han Jia, as long as you open your legs and endure it, you will slowly pay back your debt to Qing Ye. How easy!”

       “Han Jia, not only are you number one in the entire class, you are also number one in this entire grade! As your teacher, I’m really happy for you!”

       “Han Jia, mom begs you. Don’t tell me you really want to go to some university? Do you want your mother to die?”

       “Han Jia, what the fuck is going on? I’m still reckless. If you show respect to me, I will show respect to you.”

       “Han Jia, you can’t die!”

       “Han Jia, I love you. Do you love me? Do you love me?”

       “Han Jia……”

       “Han Jia……”

       “Han Jia……”

“Han Jia, Han Jia……” It seemed like someone was really calling him.

He frowned with drowsiness and tried his hardest to shirk away from the shouting.

An intense stab of pain shot from his chest causing Han Jia to cry out in a low tone before his eyes flew open.

Luo Dong slightly plumb face, drawn with a malicious smile appeared before his eyes. He stuck his tongue out and licked his face while pulling his member out.

“Xiao Han baby. In the future, I’ll call you this to wake you up from bed.”

Han Jia curled up, trembling in fear as he closed his eyes.

All the while, Luo Dong laughed in joy, “Open your eyes and look, who came to see our Xiao Han baby?”

Han Jia shuddered and suddenly opened his eyes; a familiar figure with both hands tied behind his back was being roughly pushed inside by several of Luo Yong’s subordinates. He stubbornly resisted them but the push caused him to stagger forward; he nearly kneeled on the ground.

“Xiao……” Han Jia opened his mouth to talk but his voice was coarse and weak.

Once Xiao Li heard it, he stood up from the ground, raised his head. The anger that seethed from his eyes brighten them as he stared at Luo Dong.

Luo Dong burst into a loud laughter and proudly said, “You’ve finally seen your sweetheart, you don’t have anything to say?”

“You fucking ––“ Xiao Li cursed in rage.


Luo Dong stood up; the palm of his hand ruthlessly landed on Han Jia’s face. The strength of this attack nearly caused Han Jia to turn his body over and his neck to tense up. Luo Don’t grabbed his chin and roughly turned his face back toward him before licking the red and swollen spot.

“My pitiful Xiao Han baby,” he said beaming with smiles, “When I hear someone cursing me like this, I can’t help but to hit you. Does it hurt?”

Han Jia painfully gasped for air, unable to answer.

Luo Dong winked, signaling a subordinate that was holding a wooden stick to hit Xiao Li’s back. Xiao Li groaned through his gritted teeth and staggered.

“I also don’t like it when other people don’t answer my questions.” Luo Dong tightly pinched Han Jia’s chin.

Han Jia’s face swelled with redness from the difficulty maintaining his consciousness. He opened his mouth to answer as if his depended on it.

“It doesn’t……hurt……”

Luo Dong let his hand go and laughed out loud with satisfaction. “Your emotions are really deep! I love seeing this kind of drama!” He looked at Han Jia who was lying on the bed then turned to look at Xiao Li who was gritting his teeth in anger. Just seeing them like this, his smile widened.

“I have always been very curious your relationship with each other. I heard you’ve already fucked when you were younger. How did he taste back then?”

Xiao Li didn’t say anything.


Luo Dong gripped Han Jia’s neck and ruthlessly slapped him. Han Jia was unable to resist as his head hung low in his hand. His posture looked as though he was a small creature captured by a hunter.

“We don’t have that kind of relationship.” Xiao Li swallowed his anger and answered yet his eyes remained tense.


“You dare lie to me?” Luo Dong was still laughing.

“This is the truth. Han Jia and I never had that kind of relationship.” Xiao Li gnashed his teeth while fuming with rage.

“Oh?” Luo Dong looked at Xiao Li with interest as his hand caressed Han Jia’s neck. “Then, you don’t mind if I fuck him in front of you?”

“You dare!”

Xiao Li’s eyes were shooting with flames as he charged forward. But the opponents behind him immediately reached their hands out and twisted his shoulder. All he could do was to incessantly struggle.

“Why wouldn’t I dare to?” Luo Dong patted Han Jia’s pallid face, “Xiao Han baby answer me. Do you want Dong Ye to fuck you right here?”

Han Jia closed his eyes and tried to open his mouth.

“If you say you don’t want to, I’ll fuck Xiao Li,” said Luo Dong softly.

“I want you to.” Han Jia hissed out with hatred, “I want Dong Ye to fuck me……I only want Dong, Dong Ye to fuck me……”

How long will it remain like this?

Han Jia’s groans had long ceased. Luo Don’t heavy breaths finally stopped after tyrannizing Han Jia’s body; he then dragged Han Jia to the floor and picked up a dagger from the cabinet.

Xiao Li stared fearfully at that sharp weapon as it slightly swayed near the lamp light. He struggled even harder out of their grip.

Luo Dong quickly glanced at Han Jia as he lied broken on the floor for a moment. Then with a gloomy complexion, he threw the dagger toward Xiao Li.

“If you’re willing to kill him with your own hands,” he looked at Xiao Li with a slight fluctuation in his voice, “I’ll let you go.”

I freaking hate Luo Dong so much, I want to strangle his neck and kick him into the flaming depth of hell!! I feel so bad for Han Jia, his life has been so rough; if you listen to the audio book, it’s so hard and sad to hear this part, I skip it every time. T^T

Translator’s Note:

[1] xiǎo -> little

different from Xiāo Li “Xiāo” [difference tonal marking above the ‘a’ = different meaning] Xiāo Lì name means ‘’severe desolation”.


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