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Lawless: Chapter 39





By the time Xiao Li called, it was already the morning of the next day.

At that moment, Qi Xiu Yuan had just given the headmaster of the school a phone call to extend his leave from class. It was only after the call ended did he notice that his phone was nearly out of battery life. And, since he rushed to the hospital, it had skipped his mind to bring his battery charger. Just as he was about to ask the nurse to help him look after Han Jia so that he could head out to purchase a universal charger, he receive a call from Xiao Li.

“Xiao Li, my phone is about to die,” said Qi Xiu Yuan immediately after he answered the call, “I’ll call you back in a bit with the public phone, okay?”

Although they weren’t speaking face to face, Qi Xiu Yuan could see that Xiao Li was smiling at those words.

“That’s fine, how are you there?”

“Han Jia isn’t awake yet. The doctor said there’s no serious injuries. He should be awake in a day or two.”

“I know. Didn’t one of us went over there to see him? He already told me the situation.” Xiao said nonchalantly. “I’m asking, how are you doing?”

“Me?” A smile form on Qi Xiu Yuan’s lips when he heard those words again. “I’m alright. There’s no problem at all looking after Han Jia so don’t worry.”

Noticing that Xiao Li had gone quiet, Qi Xiu Yuan spoke again. “Xiao Li.”


At first Qi Xiu Yuan wanted to ask him, ‘Why didn’t you call me yesterday?’ and ‘I was really worried about you.’ But, the way Xiao Li said ‘yeah’ sounded so instinctive, as if he had known him for a long time. There was a sense of familiarity in it; intimacy riddling that one word.

Qi Xiu Yuan was unable to say anything else. Perhaps it was the way it sounds or perhaps because Xiao Li had finally called him, and although it was just a simple inquiry of how he was doing, he felt happiness fill his head. So much so, he could feel his own heartbeat throbbing just a bit faster.

“Qi Xiu Yuan?”

Seeing as Qi Xiu Yuan was not speaking, Xiao Li asked a bit puzzled, “Don’t tell me his phone is dead?”

“It’s not…” said Qi Xiu Yuan. His voice was a bit hoarse before he cleared it, “It’s nothing.” He could sense Xiao Li smiling again from the other side of the phone.

“Qi Xiu Yuan…” Xiao Li called his name again, “Xiao Yang came to my place.”

“Ah. He……are you guys……okay now?” Qi Xiu Yuan asked nervously.

Xiao Li sighs, “Why did you talk to him about those things? So meddlesome……”

“I just want to help you. I……hello? Hello?” Qi Xiu Yuan glares down at his cell phone before he anxiously presses the bell at the side of Han Jia’s bed for the nurse. All he could think about now was rushing out to call Xiao Li back.

The sound of the door to the room being open slowly infiltrated the room. Qi Xiu Yuan turns around while saying, “I’m sorry for troubling you. Can you help me please watch him for a second? I need to –-“

Xiao Li stood at the doorway with a warm smile touching along the lines of his lips. A sprinkle of sunlight from the window sill reflected on his body made it look like he was sparkling as he greeted Qi Xiu Yuan.

“Okay,” he said warmly, “I’m more than willing to.”

Seeing Qi Xiu Yuan with a pleasantly surprise expression, Xiao Li couldn’t help but to let out a soft laughter. He turned around to close the door behind him while saying, “I was just teasing you a moment ago. I’m really grateful towards you. Xiao Yang, he……” his voice suddenly fades. It was as if, the words were pulled out of his throat unwillingly.

Qi Xiu Yuan had already approached him from behind. Both his arms reached out and pressed against the door, trapping Xiao Li in an embrace.

“Qi Xiu Yuan, don’t be like this.” Xiao Li whispered.

The person behind him pressed closer against his back, leaving only a few inches of space between them. There was barely any space for him to move as his chest hit the door. Qi Xiu Yuan’s warm breath fanned out and sprinkled behind his neck and ears.

“Xiao Li, turn around……” Qi Xiu Yuan’s voice was raspy yet steady. “Turn around and say don’t be like this again.”

Xiao Li exhaled and lifted his arm up backward for moment, then seizing what small chance he has, he tried to turn around. He didn’t use a lot of strength since he only wanted to push Qi Xiu Yuan away. But, in the instant that Xiao Li stalled his action to push him bit a harder, Qi Xiu Yuan did not move out of his away. Instead, he exerted his strength and moved in even closer to Xiao Li.

Xiao Li was still trapped in between his arms, their faces and chests now facing each other.

“Qi Xiu Yuan, don’t be like this.” Xiao Li repeated those words again. His expression riding between embarrassment and awkwardness.

“You came to me yourself.” Qi Xiu Yuan stared at him; his eyes brimming with a luminous light that looked as though it would burn Xiao Li. And, although his voice was gentle, there was also a sense of danger crowded with it.

“I only came here to thank you.”

Having Qi Xiu Yuan look at him with that kind of longing expression made Xiao Li felt very uneasy. He used all the self-control he had in him to not turn his eyes away.

“You can call me,” Qi Xiu Yuan leaned in closer. His lips just a few centimeters away from pressing against Xiao Li’s. Every time he spoke, his warm breath would trace along the corner of Xiao Li’s lips. “You can send me a text message. You can wait for me to go back then say that.” Qi Xiu Yuan’s breathing became rapid and irregular. “Xiao Li, you know what kind of feelings I have for you, yet you still came here……”

Xiao Li tries to turn his face to the side, but Qi Xiu Yuan’s tint lips has already found its target. This time it was no longer a gentle or pitiful attempt. It was not innocent or like a tease, but hot, fiery, passionate and demanding instead. His tongue darted and pressed against the seam of Xiao Li’s beautiful lip; savoring the sweet taste that lingered on it.

“I love you, I love you,” he whispered repeatedly in between kisses as the tip of his tongue slowly explore the mouth against his deeper.

Xiao Li knows that he should push him away, or at the least show some hesitation and retreat, but Qi Xiu Yuan’s vague words of love made his head spin and weaken his footing. He closed his eyes into the feeling. He could nearly feel the slight burn from the heat that rolled off Qi Xiu Yuan’s tongue as it continued to press against his. And, unable to control himself, he let out a low gasp that caused their breaths to mingle.

Qi Xiu Yuan became even more excited. Xiao Li’s very smell was flooding his senses; he was falling too deep now. His tongue found Xiao Li’s again and in one quick go, he sucked on it hard. The intoxicating feeling of diving head first into an erupting volcano and most of all the way his tongue tasted of melting cotton candy set his passion ablaze.

His hands that were propped against the door slid down to Xiao Li’s chest. Only the T-shirt thin cloth separated his skin from the man in front of him. The feel of the strong yet soft chest beneath his hand made impatient. He could feel the small nipple beneath perked and with a quick motion, he pinched it.

This time, Xiao Li did not indulge in it. He grabbed Qi Xiu Yuan’s hand and pushed him away. Caught off guard, Qi Xiu Yuan retreated a few steps back. His chest was still throbbing from the excitement. And, as he let his eyes remain on Xiao Li, he licked his lips, savoring the aftertaste of their kiss. Then, a happy smile spread out across his face.

Xiao Li could barely look him straight in the eyes. That longing and burning gaze was still taking control of him. A second later, he turned his head slight to the side as if trying to find a way to hide.

Seeing this, Qi Xiu Yuan’s smile became even wider and more brilliant. Just as he was about to step forward and pull Xiao Li into his arms again, there was a knock at the door.

“Excuse me, did someone call for the nurse a moment ago?” asked the person at the other side of the door.

Xiao Li stared at him for a moment, then he turned and attempted to open the door. But, Qi Xiu Yuan quickly rush toward him and grab his hand. Just as he wanted to say ‘sorry, I pressed the bell by accident’, he hears a hoarse voice sounded off in the room from behind him.

“Yes. I’m thirsty……”

Qi Xiu Yuan and Xiao Li immediately twirled their heads around and saw that Han Jia had already opened his eyes. He was looking at them with a blank expression. No one knew exactly how long he had been awake.

QXY you sly fox!!

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