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Lawless: Chapter 40





When Han Jia woke up, he was still weak and poor in health. The doctor stopped by to check up on him and jolted down some information on his note pad. As Qi Xiu Yuan and Xiao Li listened to the doctor’s instructions, Xiao Li would earnestly ask him for more details on certain problems from time to time.

Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes only stayed on him. He watched him care for another person—even though this other person was wounded—there was still a slightly sense of sadness. Meanwhile Qi Xiu Yuan could also sense Han Jia’s cold gaze bore into his bones. For some reason, he couldn’t help but feel rather upset at this predicament.

When the doctor finally took his leave, Xiao Li turns around and look at him while saying, “Didn’t your cell phone run out of battery?”

Although his voice was gentle and steady as it flowed out of his lips, Qi Xiu Yuan still felt somewhat dejected since he felt that he was trying to drive him away. All he could do was forced a generous smile on his sullen face before he spoke.

“Then, you guys can chat first. I’ll head out to buy a charger.”

As he slowly moved away from Xiao Li’s side, his hand lightly brushed against Xiao Li’s fingers. Xiao Li slightly shifted his body to the side to avoid him. The strange look on his face nearly cause Qi Xiu Yuan unable to take a step further away from him.

After Qi Xiu Yuan reluctantly walk out of the door, Xiao Li sat in the chair beside Han Jia’s bedside and watched him. Then he said in a low voice, “Luo Dong let you go.”

Han Jia could only sense pain when he opened his mouth to speak. All he could manage was to whisper out a few words and force an extremely puzzled look on his face.

“Qing Ye is worried that Luo Dong will cause trouble for the gang, so he let Zi Cheng go negotiate with him.” Xiao Li himself was also a bit puzzled as he continues to speak, “But, Luo Dong didn’t seem to care about it at all. Even when I bombed his place, he still didn’t say anything.” He looked at Han Jia this time, “Do you know what’s going on?”

Han Jia frowned and shook his head repeatedly.

“Zi Cheng is worried that he’s hiding someone influential,” Xiao Li sigh, “This is Luo Dong’s territory. I’ve already notified some of our brothers to come here and look after you……”

A strenuous laughter filled the air. Even if the laughter caused his chest to feel uncomfortable, he still laughed incessantly.

Xiao Li helped him sit up. While he placing a pillow behind his back so that he would feel more comfortable, Xiao Li spoke again.

“What craziness are you going on about now?”

Han Jia gradually stopped laughing. “You want to send someone here to look after me? Is it the gang’s order or is this your own idea?”

Xiao Li didn’t say anything.

This silence only provoked a sarcastic smile from Han Jia. “I’ve been abandoned just like that huh? In any case, I’m also……Or are they afraid of Lu Wu so they’re leaving me here to stifle Luo Dong? Fuck, how serious are my injuries?”

“It’s already fortunate enough that’s all there is to your injuries.” Xiao Li said with a heavy voice, “The bullet pass through your lung and broke one of your rib. It seemed to have damage your nerve, so there will be aftereffects.” He looked at Han Jia again, “You can’t move around much with the way that you are right now. But, be at ease. Stay here and recuperate. After two months, I’ll take you back into the city –-“

“How the fuck am I supposed to be at ease?” Han Jia’s voice were hoarse as he spoke out angrily, “I’m a useless person now. How can I be at ease in Luo Dong’s territory?”

“Calm down a bit.” Xiao Li’s hand reached out to cover his mouth. Then he sternly said, “How can a man who isn’t dead or handicap be useless?”

Han Jia stared at him. His once tightened shoulders finally loosened up a bit.

Upon seeing this, Xiao Li released his hand and began to console him, “There’s no need for you to worry about Luo Dong’s affair. I will send someone here to protect you. I don’t care what the gang decided on, I won’t abandon you no matter what.”

Han Jia sigh and lean back against the pillow behind him. Then, he slowly said, “I’ve made you mock me again……I only……I only……” He didn’t say anything else.

After a moment passed by, who knew what he was thinking about when he suddenly looked at Xiao Li and laughs.

“Are you jealous of me now?”

“Jealous of you?”

“Jealous that the gang abandoned me ah.” Han Jia slowly said, “They threw me to Luo Dong. And even after you saved me, Luo Dong didn’t demand me back. I’ve become useless……I’ve become half dead now. No one else would miss me besides you. How interesting……how interesting……”

His slow pace speaking mannerism was followed by a strange smile; as if he felt free and accepted this reality.

After silently watching him for a long time, Xiao Li eventually spoke, “That’s right, I’m very jealous of you.”

Han Jia glanced at him with amazement.

However, Xiao Li had already shifted his gaze elsewhere. “The words that you told me to pass on to Jiang Xiao Ning, when you’re discharged from the hospital, you can tell him yourself.” He thought about it for a moment, then spoke again, “Once Qi Xiu Yuan gets back, I’ll have to leave. I didn’t tell anyone when I came here and the drive back will take some time. It could be a while until I’m able to come here again. You need to take better care of yourse—“

He didn’t finish his sentence when Han Jia reached out and grip his hand. “Xiao Li,” there was a sparkle in his eyes. It appeared very unstable, almost crowded with restlessness. “You and that beastly teacher……”

Thinking about all the things that he and Qi Xiu Yuan had gone through together as well as the many times that he looked at him, Xiao Li couldn’t help but to pause with embarrassment.

“Don’t call him that.”

Han Jia’s eyes widened at those words, “Don’t you like women? I tried so hard to seduce you back then, you didn’t even……if you want to be with a man, isn’t Qing Ye good enough? What does that beastly teacher have? He’s just a nobody……”

Looking at Xiao Li’s appearance—-one that looked as if he wanted to say something—-Han Jia firmly grasped his hand. “Xiao Li, even if you don’t say anything, I can also tell. You ran here to save me. You must be troubled now. Qing Ye has that kind of thoughts toward you…what are you doing provoking that kind of person? Are you trying to kill him or get killed by him?”

Since Han Jia said all those things with such urgency, a burst of pain struck his lungs. He couldn’t help but to gently grip the area where his wounds were before taking in a deep breath. Xiao Li helped him lean back against the pillow and consoled him.

“That’s enough. I know. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Han Jia’s eyes still lingered on him as he spoke, “If you really know, you should answer Qing Ye. Xiao Li, you must listen to me. I’ve acted as a pimp in the underworld for the gang for so many years, what don’t I know about these kinds of things?” He took in a deep breath, then immediately said, “You have to take advantage of the fact that Qing Ye still has feelings for you. Prepare a good escape route for yourself. Someone like Qing Ye…if he can’t wait for you to initiate something or if he really wants to take control of you, he won’t be as kind as Luo Dong. He’ll force you to……” He nearly lost his breath yet he continued, “I don’t want you to have that kind of ending. Xiao Li, be a bit smarter.”

Xiao Li’s brows drew together. Even when Qi Xiu Yuan returned, he still did not say anything else.


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