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Lawless: Chapter 41





With one look at Xiao Li, Qi Xiu Yuan could immediately make out that something was wrong with him.  Starting from when he had gone to purchase the battery charger to when he returned to the room, the way Xiao Li looked and spoke, all did not look well to him.

So, when he got up and said he wanted to take his leave, Qi Xiu Yuan also quickly said, “I’ll walk you out.”

Afterwards, despite Xiao Li’s refusal and Han Jia’s seemingly angry eyes that attempted to strike him down, he made haste and follows Xiao Li out the door.

Xiao Li turned around and gave him a glance. He hesitated for a moment, yet still waited for him to catch up. The two then walked side by side down the stairs.

In the hospital, people were walking in and out at all directions. Qi Xiu Yuan could feel a strange kind of nervousness tug at his heartstring and punctured his mind into apprehension as he walked beside Xiao Li. What’s more, during the entire time, he couldn’t find an opportunity to say anything either.

Just as he watched as Xiao Li was about to walk out the hospital main entrance, he seized Xiao Li’s hand by force and pulled him into a corridor with no one inside.

“You……” Qi Xiu Yuan looked at Xiao Li, taking in all the fine details that made up his stern facial features. With a type of uneasiness stifling his voice, he asked, “Are you angry?”

Baffled at those sudden words, Xiao Li asked instead, “What would I be angry about?” Just as he said that, his face couldn’t help but burn red once he caught sight of Qi Xiu Yuan staring at his lips. He coughed in an effort to draw the man’s attention elsewhere, “I’m not.”

Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes brightened up as he slowly moves closer to Xiao Li.

Watching his cautious appearance, Xiao Li’s heart suddenly softened a bit and surprisingly even his voice relaxed. “You’ve helped me so much, why would it be a big deal if I let you kiss me?”

Those words struck a cord in Qi Xiu Yuan’s tightened chest, leaving him at a loss for words. His expression was a mixture of embarrassment and grief as he maintained a hold on Xiao Li’s eyes. Again, and again his lips would part yet he remained speechless.

Xiao Li lowered his eyes, unable to look at him anymore, “If there’s nothing else, I have to leave.”

When he was about to turn around, Qi Xiu Yuan grabbed his arm and anxiously said, “Who said I have nothing else to say?”

Xiao Li twirled his head around to look at him again. Since he felt a bit sorry towards him, he relaxed his voice even more: “What else is there?”

Qi Xiu Yuan looked straight at him, “I’m worried……”

“Worried about what?”

“Worried you’re not well.” Qi Xiu Yuan stared at him. There were many thoughts circling his head as he tried to sort them all. A moment later, he finally summoned up enough courage to speak. “Do you remember the day I saw you and that person called Da Gui talked? You knew that something happened to Han Jia. At that time, your expression was exactly like the one you have on now. You look extremely angry, as if you want to go and do something dangerous……”

Xiao Li was a bit shock as his eyes swept towards him. It was only a moment later did he finally smiled, “It seems, you’re able to tell the future huh?”

“I’m not joking with you.” Qi Xiu Yuan’s expression was grave once he found the voice to speak again, “Did Han Jia say something to you just now? Did something happen to him or is it something else? Xiao Li, you……you can tell me. I——“

This time, Xiao Li actually burst out laughing, “You’re what? Are you going to bring your students with you to help me fight?”

Embarrassment painted across Qi Xiu Yuan’s face as he continued to look on at him for a moment at a loss for words. Xiao Li’s guilty conscience crept up. Never once had he felt that he has bullied someone like this before. So, with that in mind, he lightly loosened Qi Xiu Yuan’s grip on his arm and turn to leave.

But, he couldn’t move.

Qi Xiu Yuan had embraced him from behind.

“Qi Xiu Yuan,” Xiao Li heaved a sigh, “Don’t be like this.”

“Do you only know how to say that sentence?” There was a bit of grievance inkling Qi Xiu Yuan’s voice, but he was still brimming with stubbornness.

Not being able to see his expression made Xiao Li felt a bit better than he did previously. It seemed, some words were easier to say this way. “Didn’t I tell you before that I like women?”

“But you’ve never said that you ‘only’ like women.” As those words came out and filled the empty corridor, Qi Xiu Yuan tightened his hold on Xiao Li. “You have feelings for me. When I kissed you, you responded to me.”

“……I only felt grateful.”

“I don’t believe that’s how you express your gratitude.” Qi Xiu Yuan’s voice was mingled with anger that rose from his stomach, “If you were that kind of person, you wouldn’t have refused that old boss back then!”

Xiao Li’s body stiffened and his voice lost.

“Xiao Li, don’t be indifference towards me.” Qi Xiu Yuan’s voice softened into a gloomy tone. “Han Jia must have said something to you……did he say that I can’t be trusted? He might be jealous of me. Believe me Xiao Li, I really love you……it’s impossible for me now. I’ve already come to love you more and more. Even if you were to refuse me, you don’t need to lie. It’s not fair if you act like this towards me.” He continued to hug Xiao Li tightly from behind, refusing to let his hands go. In the quietness that followed, his cheeks easily pressed against Xiao Li’s neck and rubbed against it with a tantalizing desire.

Qi Xiu Yuan then whispered, “Don’t treat me like this.” His voice was ridden with grief yet still resolute, weak yet still powerful as it attacked Xiao Li’s ear in close range.

Xiao Li remained grounded on the same spot. His thoughts were muddled with confusion and chaos. He thought that his plan to forcibly destroy the person behind him had simply collapsed even more he implemented it. “Be a bit more straightforward,” Xiao Li said to himself before he sighed and struggled free of Qi Xiu Yuan’s embrace. Then he turned around and face him straight on.

Their eyes locked.

“Don’t say those nauseating words so easily.” He looked at Qi Xiu Yuan. All the while, the lighting in the corridor clearly displayed the sternness that resided in his eyes. “Just tell me, are you willing to wait for me or not?”

“Wait for you?” Qi Xiu Yuan asked. As he looked at the long lashes under his eyes, he felt as though he was being sucked in. All he could do was to foolishly repeat those words again.

This time Xiao Li did not evade his eyes. He went on to say in a deep voice, “You already know my identity. There are some things……that I must deal with. It can be very troublesome and time consuming but, if you are willing to wait, then when the time comes……” he paused, “When the time comes, I can give it a try with you.”

Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes perfectly expressed what it meant to be pleased beyond one’s expectations. It looked as though he wanted to pounce and overtake Xiao Li right there in the corridor, but seconds later a trace of anxiety streaked across the light in his eyes instead.

He looked at Xiao Li and asked, “Why do you want to resolve it yourself? You can tell me. Xiao Li, I——“

“I don’t want to drag you down.” Xiao Li said concisely, “It’s enough if it’s just me.”

As he looked straight ahead at the man in front of him, Xiao could see the flickers of light illuminating Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes. The feelings that he could clearly sense provoked an uneasy sentiment out of him. But, without the slightest hesitation, Qi Xiu Yuan simply answered.

“Of course I’m willing to wait. I’ll wait no matter how long it takes.”

Xiao Li kept his eyes on him, not once evading Qi Xiu Yuan’s. Within but a second, he suddenly smiled and stretch his hand out to hold the back of his neck. With some force, he pulled him in for a kiss.

At first he wanted to kiss Qi Xiu Yuan’s lips softly, but the other person was clearly excited by his action and forced him back against the wall for an even more frantic kiss instead.

Xiao Li’s hand was still behind Qi Xiu Yuan’s neck while the other hand was loosely holding on to his shoulder. His mind became infected with confusion as the surging heat radiating from Qi Xiu Yuan’s chest and eager tongue implored him. Soon, from within his throat came broken fragments of moans.

Hearing it, Qi Xiu Yuan’s movements were ravaged with such excitement that he practically began to bit and lick this handsome man, that was being pressed against the wall by him, lips. While both his hands cupped Xiao Li’s head, his fingers weaved into his hair, pulling him even closer so that he could kiss him even deeper, even more passionate.

Xiao Li was no longer able to think. It was not like the way all those women had kissed him. Nor was the feeling the same as the soft and gentle kiss that came from Qi Xiu Yuan before. This kiss was powerful, almost violent even. It was consumed with an unyielding desire, pushed to an extreme craze like passion. The longing to possess and conquer him mingling so harmoniously together were all things that he was not accustomed to.


It also aroused the innate antagonistic urges in him into excitement. He pulled harder and tightened his grip on Qi Xiu Yuan then started to respond by deepening this kiss, leaving not even a mere centimeter between their sealed lips.

The moment Xiao Li initiated this tease and provoked him, Qi Xiu Yuan nearly lost all his reasons. He closely pressed against Xiao Li’s body before both his hand wandered freely everywhere. When his right hand reached into Xiao Li’s T-shirt and gently caressed the soft skin at his back, Xiao Li could sense his own intoxication sober. With this, he moved several layers of clothes and discovered the change between Qi Xiu Yuan’s legs.

How can this be?  Xiao Li felt that it was very absurd to think like this while a low moan escaped from the depths of Qi Xiu Yuan chest. Even more, he was gasping for breath in between this kiss.

“Xiao Li, I didn’t think……” he whispered as he continued to endlessly land light kisses on the side of Xiao Li’s neck. Then his lips parted to sucked in his collarbone before lightly biting and nibbling it. “Xiao Li, Xiao Li, I’m really happy……” said Qi Xiu Yuan as his kisses traveled up until it reached Xiao Li’s chin. Finally, his lips stopped at Xiao Li’s now tint lips again. It was just that this time, the kiss was soft and gentle as their lips grinded against each other.

“I really shouldn’t have promised to wait for you……” he muttered which caused Xiao Li to stiffened. However, he then heard him say immediately after, “It’s seems…I don’t want to wait even a second longer anymore……”

Understanding the actual meaning behind his words, Xiao Li could feel his entire face burning scarlet. He quickly exerted some strength into his hand and push Qi Xiu Yuan away. When Qi Xiu Yuan attempted to coil his arms around him again, Xiao Li found it both funny and extremely embarrassing. He pushed him yet again while saying, “You said you’re willing to wait so just wait properly.”

Qi Xiu Yuan caught his hand that was used to pushed him before and was now resting on his shoulder. While looking at him affectionately, he takes Xiao Li’s hand and press it against his lips and kissed it before saying: “Okay.”

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