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Lawless: Chapter 46





When Qi Xiu Yuan took the key out from his pocket to unlock the door, Xiao Li helped him support Susu. After closing the door, Qi Xiu Yuan gently take his sister back, then noticing that she was sleeping so soundly, he lowered his voice.

“Help me get a wet towel, the mickey mouse one, and use warm water.”

Keeping his eyes on him for a few second, Xiao Li obediently nodded his head then quietly went to the bathroom. He turned the hot water knob, soak the towel before quietly making his way back to Susu’s room to give it to Qi Xiu Yuan. The window inside the room was not shut, making it possible for the sound of the pouring rain thrashing violently against the ground to invade the room. Qi Xiu Yuan had just placed Susu in bed when he saw Xiao Li walk in with the towel in his hand. After taking it from him, he gently wiped his sister’s hand and face, then passed the towel back to Xiao Li before going to shut the window.

Xiao Li returned to the bathroom to wash the towel. As the warm water ran down his hand and soaked the towel, he couldn’t help but to remember the many times he took care of Xiao Yang like that when he was younger. Without him knowing, a small smile traced along the line of his lips, lighting up the room.

He rinsed the two used towels and hung it on the hook nearby the vanity unit. Thinking that Qi Xiu Yuan was probably waiting for him in the living room, he made his way out. But just as he walked out of the bathroom door, his hand was caught and pressed against the wall. Since the posture was a bit uncomfortable, Xiao Li struggled for a moment.

“Don’t move.” Qi Xiu Yuan leaned closer and whispered.

It was the tone of voice that made Xiao Li unable to resist. But there was also something else that dwelled in his words that immediately softened Xiao Li’s heart to the point that even he does not realize it. He remained still. There were many things that they wanted to say, wanted to ask each other but for the time being, they only quietly hugged each other tightly. As the silence shrouded them, their foreheads pressed softly together. Their breaths dance in circled as the sound of their heartbeats sang harmoniously.

After a while, Qi Xiu Yuan gently smiled and whispered, “You smell like bar soap.”

“There wasn’t any body wash at the station.” Xiao Li also whispered then moved in closer to counter with, “You smell musty.”

“Got wet from the rain a moment ago.” Finally realizing that, Qi Xiu Yuan also felt uncomfortable in the wet clothes. He lightly kissed Xiao Li’s lips, “I’ll go take a shower first. Did you eat dinner yet?”

“Not yet.”

“There’s congee and some food in the kitchen. You can warm it up.” Qi Xiu Yuan kissed his lips again, “I’ll be out in a bit.”

In truth, Xiao Li did not have any appetite at all but he went to the kitchen anyways. The bowl of congee was already cold. Xiao Li picked it up and ate it without warming it.He washed the bowl in silence and walked into the living room, before going to the balcony and finally back to the living room.

He stood still for a moment, then walked towards the bathroom, pushed the door open and went inside.

A cloud of mist shrouded the bathroom, moistening the air as the smell of a pleasant body wash wafted throughout the space. Qi Xiu Yuan was in the middle of washing the foam off his body with his back facing the door. As his hand moved up and down his body, his back muscles stretched out becoming more defined and smooth. When he heard the sound of the door closing, he turned his head around and looked dumbfounded for a while.

“I also want to take a shower.” Xiao Li announced before he turned around and started to undress.

He took off his T-shirt and toss it into the laundry hamper, then removed his jeans and toss it into the hamper again, finally his hand rested at the edge of his underpants.

When his hand shifted a bit, he heard Qi Xiu Yuan’s breath came to a sudden halt.

He stripped off his underpants, and easily toss it to the side, then turned around and slowly walked towards Qi Xiu Yuan.

Qi Xiu Yuan subconsciously took a step back. His eyes were still entrapped by Xiao Li’s figure, making it impossible for him to blink as he held his breath in.

Xiao Li’s steps were soft and nearly soundless as he advanced, seizing Qi Xiu Yuan with his enticing eyes. His gaze slowly shifted from his slightly flushed and wet face and down until it reached his waist. Suddenly he froze and stared blankly for a few seconds with a very complex expression. Finally, he couldn’t help but to laugh, letting his voice ring a sweet tone within the bathroom.

“You’re also……” Xiao Li laughed until he leaned against the wall, covering his eyes with his hand. If he wasn’t afraid of waking up Susu, he thought that he would had already burst out laughing loudly. “Have you eaten a meal yet?”

A warm body leaned into his as a hand reached out to move his hand away from his eyes. Xiao Li’s laughter stopped. There were no signs of humor in Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes, instead it was filled with a deep sense of passion and desire that longed to be reveal. Meanwhile the hard member that he had seen a moment ago was now pressed firmly against his upper thighs, emitting an alluring kind of heat that was hard to ignore.

“You’re my meal.” Qi Xiu Yuan said with a hoarse voice.

It was a cliché of sweet words he often heard in Jin Ting and even he himself had used it with other women before. But as his eyes captured Qi Xiu Yuan’s black obsidian pupils, it was brightly lit like sprinkles of stars across the sky on a dark night and held it in a warm sensation that drew him in. The small droplets of water that rolled enchantingly down his handsome face would make anyone that gaze upon it to sweat passionately upon first glance. Lingering at it for a few more seconds only made him feel weak as if he was being invaded. Xiao Li did not dare to look him in the eyes anymore.

“Closed your eyes.” Qi Xu Yuan softly ordered while kissing his eyes.

Complying, Xiao Li closed his eyes. He felt Qi Xiu Yuan’s soft lips moved from his left eyelid to the right, gently pecking them a few times. Then he was met with a warm sensation as the tip of Qi Xiu Yuan’s tongue lightly licked his lashes.

Xiao Li was licked so sweetly to the point his entire body was burning hot. His hand stretched out in an attempt to push him away, but Qi Xiu Yuan exerted a bit more strength to hold him before his lips slowly shifted to Xiao Li’s aching lips.

This kiss was not rush. Qi Xiu Yuan was slowly tasting him one bite, one lick at a time, savoring every bit. His tongue was wet and hot as it licked and danced pass Xiao Li’s teeth, sliding deeper into his mouth. Then it calmly rolled over as he sucked hard at the tip of his tongue. The entire process was extremely slow, so slow that Xiao Li thought that his lungs were starting to lose all the air. An intense pleasurable shiver wormed all the way from his spine up to the back of his neck, causing him to let out an indistinctive moan. His hand reached out to pull Qi Xiu Yuan even closer to him, with the desire to seize control of this intense and passionate kiss.

But Qi Xiu Yuan took in a deep breath to suppressed and gain power over him. He hooked his tongue around Xiao Li’s tongue, forcing him to follow his own rhythm. He let his hand gently rest at the back of Xiao Li’s head, pressing him even closer. Tilting their faces slightly to the side helped to adjust the angle of this kiss and made it impossible for no gap between their mouths to keep them apart.

Being completely drowned in this gratifying feeling challenged Xiao Li’s male instinct. He opened his eyes. Consumed by lust, he forced Qi Xiu Yuan back with just one hard push towards the other side of the wall and pressed up hard against his body. Both his hands flew out to cup Qi Xiu Yuan’s face and like a hungry panther, he attacked the rosy lips in front of him to continue this kiss.

A delightful moan, seemingly intoxicated with desire, crept out from within Qi Xiu Yuan’s throat. While tangling with Xiao Li’s soft lips and tongue, both his hands played along the line of his back muscles, all the way down towards his powerful yet supple waist, binding him tightly. Then, with some strength, he turned Xiao Li’s body over and pressed him firmly beneath him. He leaned in towards Xiao Li, using a rough rhythm to crush him, to the point that even his own breathing became heavy and violent.


Translator: Sae

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