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Lawless: Chapter 6





Two months later, the school received a task to proctor an examination. Because of that, later on, each middle school might have to make up classes on the weekends.

The examination was located at very elite primary school.

Since Qi Xiu Yuan was single, it was not a big deal nor did he mind it either so every time it happened, he would be the one arranged to work that day. Only when he arrived at the exam room did he realized that this was the so called ‘integrity examination’ for some middle aged government officials.

Proctoring the exam was awfully boring and even worse, the government officials were brazenly cheating. Qi Xiu Yuan understood the trickiness of these kind of exams, so he naturally turned a blind eye to it. But looking at these rich guys stuck in a small chair in a primary school classroom, bending forward in front of a desk answering those questions, was actually not that boring.

After the exam was completed, the exam sheets collected, bind and sealed, with ample experience in his movements, he picked up his payments and dismissed the everyone.

As he walked outside, there were countless high end vehicles parked in front of the school’s gateway. Qi Xiu Yuan maneuvered his way around but still could not get anywhere.

While he walked around some more, he pondered on what he could buy with this two hundred kuai. *$32usd*

Not paying much attention to where he was going, he bumped into another person.

“Sorry. Hey?”

The moment Qi Xiu Yuan raised his head, he became rather dumbfounded. The youthful person that he bumped into, who was similar in height to him, wore jeans and a casual long sleeves T-shirt, with a very gentle looking temperament was……if it was not for that scar, Qi Xiu Yuan would have really thought he recognized the wrong person.

Xiao Li gave him a quick glance and moved to the side, making way for him. Those eyes were those of ones that did not recognize him.

Qi Xiu Yuan did not move. Of course he could just as easily walk away, buy some things at the marketplace, return home and make lunch, but he also doesn’t know or understand what kind of impulse prompted him to open his mouth and speak.

“Mr. Li, you really don’t recognize me?” He listened to the sound of his own voice, the tone was full of familiarity. It was as if he was really close to Xiao Li.

Xiao Li looked at him, his expression a bit shocked.

It was only a moment later did he said: “Qi Laoshi, you’re also participating in the exam?”

“I came to overlook the exam.” Qi Xiu Yuan was really curious now, “How? Could it be that you’re taking the exam?”

“No, I came to pick someone up,” said Xiao Li.

“Who?” after Qi Xiu Yuan said those words, he wanted to immediately take it back and leave.

Xiao Li seemed even more shocked.

Qi Xiu Yuan didn’t even have a chance to say, ‘I’m sorry, it’s okay if you don’t want to say,’ when Xiao Li replied him, “Our boss’s friend.”

“There’s a boss above you?” Qi Xiu Yuan was extremely surprised now. Afterwards his reaction toward this was rather emphasized, “Your boss is a government official?”

It seems Xiao Li was amused by the expression on his face, “Of course I have a boss, but he’s not a government official. Today, I’m here to get his friend.”

“Oh.” Qi Xiu Yuan nodded his head.

The two looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what to say for a while. Qi Xiu Yuan could not help but to recall the awkward scenario he had faced that time he went to see Xiao Yang at the hospital.

However, the difference was, this time he was not anxious to leave.

“Qi Laoshi, is there something else?” asked Xiao Li.

Qi Xiu Yuan pondered, continuing to think through things from all angles but he could not find anything. Without any better option, he faced Xiao Li, smiled and said: “Then I’ll leave first. Until next time, goodbye.”


After he walked for a short while, Qi Xiu Yuan turned his head around for another glance. Xiao Li was still standing at the same spot, with hands in his jeans pocket. He stood really upright, no matter how you look at him, he looked just like a proper youth.

All afternoon, Qi Xiu Yuan was bothered, distracted by that youth’s broad back.

After dinner was finished, Qi Susu hugged a big pillow and continued to watched an idol drama.

Qi Xiu Yuan walked back and forth, choosing two outfits from the closet.

“Susu, I might come back late, you don’t have to stay up and wait for me.”

Qi Susu agreed, her eyes still glued on the television.

Qi Xiu Yuan walked outside into the night rather relaxed, down a road. Only after he had walked a far distant from his neighborhood did he raised his hand, hailing down a taxi.

When the driver heard the name of the place he had told him to head out to, there was a subtle distortion in his expression. Qi Xiu Yuan could completely understand him, after all, there wasn’t a lot of people who wanted to go to the gay bar.

Those two years after he had graduated, he had played crazily. Later on, he became aware and resolute to serve as a worthy role model. And, Qi Susu also moved in to live together with him. He had no choice but to be cautious about his behaviors. So the amount of time he goes out has indeed lessened tremendously.

Today, he really could not hold back. Qi Xiu Yuan placed his hand at the pit of his stomach. An indescribable feeling aroused in his chest, making him a bit irritable. Even more, what it caused him to long for was the warmth of another person.


  1. Hmmm… Qi Laoshi is feeling “something”. ????

    I just love this novel so much, the way the plot unfolds is amazing. I hope it’ll have a happy ending.

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