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Lawless: Chapter 9





“Han Jia, did you bring a boy here today?……how is his condition right now?……bring him to me. I want that kid……we’ll talk when you come down.”

Xiao Li hung up the phone and faced Qi Xiu Yuan who was sitting in front of him: “Qi Laoshi, your student is fine. He’ll be here in a bit. Don’t worry and just wait for a moment. That’s right, what do you want to drink?”

“No thanks.” Qi Xiu Yuan looked around left and right, “This is……your office?”

Xiao Li shook his head: “Qi Laoshi, you’re funny. How can we have an office like this? This is the lobby lounge. I always like to stay here. Now it has become a special place for me to use.”

Qi Xiu Yuan could only reply with an ‘oh’ before the room went into silent again. He relaxed in his thoughts for a while but ultimately he couldn’t bear it any longer and opened his mouth to speak again: “Did you……open this place?”

Xiao Li looked as though he really wanted to laugh: “You think too highly of me.”

Qi Xiu Yuan let out an indescribable sigh of relief. However, he felt that this relief was a bit deceiving to himself and others.

Just as he awkwardly smiled, there was a knock on the door.

At the same time, the sound of laughter transmitted in from outside of the door.

“Xiao Li, come out and get this person! You received news quite quickly don’t you. You liar. Didn’t you say this kind of thing is not to your liking huh?”

Xiao Li opened the door. A man all dressed in black, carried Jiang Xiao Ning in his hands and came in. Strolling behind him was the man that Qi Xiu Yuan had seen yesterday at ‘Ge An’.

“Han laoban.”

The man dressed in black placed Jiang Xiao Ning on the sofa. Qi Xiu Yuan looked at him from a short distance. His cheeks were abnormally flushed and his expression was riddled with confusion, and eaten by delirium. Watching his student like this, Qi Xiu Yuan became extremely worried.

He immediately went toward Jiang Xiao Ning and patted his cheeks and in a low voice he called out to him: “Xiao Ning. Xiao Ning.”

Jiang Xiao Ning was completely irresponsive.

Qi Xiu Yuan’s chest tightened with anxiousness. He couldn’t help but to lift his head and look at Xiao Li.

Xiao Li instead turned his head and asked Han Jia: “What’s wrong with him?”

“I thought you wanted to taste fresh meat, so I gave him a pill. So, you actually don’t want to try ——“

His eyes averted and maliciously landed on Qi Xiu Yuan. All of a sudden, his face was painted with surprise as he blinked a few times, stumped for words, “This handsome guy, are you his teacher?”

Qi Xiu Yuan was fuming with rage, so much so that he wanted so bad to go up to Han Jia and beat him, but this is their territory. Besides, he already returned Jiang Xiao Ning.

Just endure this, endure it, he repeatedly told himself even though his tone of voice was still full of contempt. “Sorry to trouble you, please remedy this pill!”

Just hearing this, Han Jia’s smile became even more brilliant. “This, I can’t cure. In any case, the main dish is already here. Whoever eats it will surely enjoy it right? You two can decided who gets to enjoy him.”

After he said this, he gave Xiao Li a quick glance and in that crazy manner, he just casually turned and left. The man dressed in black blindly followed suit after him out of the room.

Qi Xiu Yuan was burning with anxiety and wanted to chase after him, but Xiao Li stretched his hand out, blocking him.

“Don’t listen to him. This kid is fine.”

The sound of Xiao Li’s voice almost soothes Qi Xiu Yuan’s impatient.

“Just let him sit in a cold water for a bit, sleep and he’ll be better.”

Xiao Li leaned over and picked Jiang Xiao Ning up, before hinting at Qi Xiu Yuan to open another door in the lobby lounge. Inside was a very luxurious bathroom.

Xiao Li placed Jiang Xiao Ning inside the bathtub and switched on the shower handle to cold water.

Jiang Xiao Ning twitched in reaction to the cold water that ran down his body before he groaned out, “Dad……help me……laoshi……help me……”

Seconds later, his face was soaked, it was hard to tell if it were tears or water.

Qi Xiu Yuan felt distressed and pained just from looking at him like this. He couldn’t help but to turn his head around and lash out at Xiao Li: “You guys……this kid was not willing. How can you guys do this?”

Xiao Li slightly glanced to the side, pulled out a cigarette from his suit pocket and lit it without saying anything.

Qi Xiu Yuan suddenly realized that this was the first time that he has seen Xiao Li smoke.

How do you want him to answer you? How do you want this lawless gangster to answer you?

Qi Xiu Yuan let out a sighed, his mood was extremely disheartened.

In this entire bathroom, all he could hear was the sound of the water flowing down.

The coldness gradually rained over Jiang Xiao Ning causing him to let out a loud sneeze. His eyes then shot open and his pupils slowly moved; once he saw Qi Xiu Yuan, his eyes brightened up immediately, displaying a sense of relieve and peacefulness.

“Laoshi……” He weakly opened his mouth.

Qi Xiu Yuan switched the water off. He rolled his sleeves up and pulled Jiang Xiao Yuan out of the tub.

“Mr. Li, we’re leaving now.” He didn’t even bother to look at Xiao Li’s whereabouts as he started to walk.

“How are you guys going to leave like this?” Xiao Li’s voice was deep and low yet still smooth and steady. And just like that Qi Xiu Yuan didn’t further inquire him.

“First dry your student up, otherwise he’ll catch a cold.”

With the cigarette hanging loose in his mouth, he opened the nearby cabinet and pulled out a large and soft looking white towel.

“These towels haven’t been used yet. You can use them as you please.” He gave Jiang Xiao Ning who was in Qi Xiu Yuan’s arm a quick glance, “If it’s not convenient for him to return home, I’ll take you both to your house.”

“There’s no need to trouble yourself.” Qi Xiu Yuan still didn’t look at him.

But by then, Xiao Li had already made his way toward the door. When he heard those words, he just waves his hand in disapproval.

“After you tidy up, come down. I’ll wait for you at the entrance.”


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